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Download table data - does not include grade value correctly #11

sammarshallou opened this Issue · 2 comments

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sam marshall Jason Platts
sam marshall

Originally reported by John White in

I now have the OU Blog (version 2.3) working well in both Moodle 2.3.3 (naturally) and also in Moodle 2.2.6! So far I haven't met any bugs as a result of using the 2.3 version in 2.2, which for me is very good news. It means its possible that we could move up to OU Blogging as a Learning Log tool, with grading, without needing to wait for our own roll-out of Moodle 2.3 which may take us a while. If so we are most likely to use it first in special 'portal-type' courses that cover a whole Year of a degree course, but which can be rolled forward year-on-year so that the Learning Log stays with the student as he/she moves through their degree course.

I have however found one bug that occurs on both moodle platforms. The CSV export tool ('download table data as...') currently appears not to export student grades, even though it will export the rest of the data. The fault appears to be in mod/oublog/renderer.php lines 426-430 where it currently reads...

if (!isset($user->grade)) {
$gradeitem = get_string('nograde');
} else {
$gradeitem = $user->grade;

...but I believe it ought to read...

if (!isset($user->gradeobj->str_grade)) {
$gradeitem = get_string('nograde');
} else {
$gradeitem = $user->gradeobj->str_grade;

...because the user grades are not held directly in grade, but in gradeobj. Without this the grades are always replaced by the 'nograde' string!

I hope this helps. And many thanks to all there for the OU Blog module.

Regards, John

Jason Platts

Note this is OU bug #5621

Jason Platts

Fixed in Master and 23 stable branches.

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