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Copyright 2015 The Open University

Thes subpage module allows users to create, manage, and view lists of Moodle
activities separately from the main course page


We support the subpage module in Moodle 2.8 but it is likely that this module
will be discontinued in a future version. However that might be some way off -
we are likely to continue to support it through Moodle 3.0 and possibly beyond.


The subpage module does not require any core changes. However, if you use it
without making core changes you will find that you are constantly redirected
back to the course page when you expected to be on the subpage.

If you would like a patch that you can apply - at your own risk, of course,
as is this whole thing, see the README file for one of the branches (however
we haven't provided a current patch, sorry).

Also please note that if you put something on a subpage it will seem natural
for the subpage to be included in the breadcrumbs, but it is not. We have
implemented code to address this as part of our theme; doing this properly
would require a significant core change which we haven't implemented yet.


We cannot offer direct support. Please do not contact me directly.

Bug reports:

Please report bugs using the 'Issues' tab on GitHub.

Before reporting a bug, please ensure you are running the latest version of
the subpage that is available from:

In the bug report, please include your Moodle version (e.g. 2.3.2) and your
subpage version (which you can find under plugins/activities page). 


Development code. This has not been fully tested and may contain serious bugs.
Please see the current stable branch if you want a tested version for a specific
Moodle release.


Moodle 2.6+
Postgres / MySQL


Place the contents of this source tree into your Moodle installation so that
within your Moodle root, this file is mod/subpage/README. Then visit the
Moodle notifications page to install.


None. Please feel free to contribute documentation in the relevant area of
the MoodleDocs wiki.


Subpage module allows you to add Moodle activities onto inner page within course



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