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Port of Java dk.brics.automaton and xeger, mostly used for generating strings that match a specific regular expression.
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Fare - [F]inite [A]utomata and [R]egular [E]xpressions

Project Fare is an effort to bring a DFA/NFA (finite-state automata) implementation from Java to .NET. There are quite a few implementations available in other languages today. This project aims to fill the gap in .NET.

Fare is a .NET port of the well established Java library dk.brics.automaton with API as close as possible to the corresponding dk.brics.automaton classes.

Is my Regular Expression supported?

Probably yes.

Keep in mind though that Project Fare turns Regular Expressions into Automatons by applying the algorithms of dk.brics.automaton and xeger.

If your Regular Expression isn't supported, it would make sense to debug the C# code but also compare with the results from xeger.

As an alternative, you may use a different pattern or even use a different engine to reverse the Regular Expression into an Automaton. As an example, you can use the Rex engine.

Design changes

Based on version 1.11-8 of dk.brics.automaton released on September 7, 2011. [ChangeLog] (

NuGet package

Fare is available via NuGet.


Fare reached version 1 without following a particular versioning scheme. From version 1 and above, Fare follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

Which projects use Fare?

Fare is used in:

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