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An extension manager for Nova2; adds the ability to enable and disable extensions through a graphical interface
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Nova ExtensionManager

An extension for Nova2 that adds a graphical interface to manage other extensions.

** This is still under development. Use at your own risk **


To install this extension, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ExtensionManager files from the latest release
  2. Extract the files into the folder nova/application/extensions/ExtensionManager
  3. Find the file nova/application/config/extensions.php and add this at the end:
require_once( dirname( dirname(__FILE__) ) . '/extensions/ExtensionManager/includes/ConfigManager.php' );
$manager = ( new \ExtensionManager\ConfigManager() )->redefineExtensionConfig( $config['extensions']['enabled'] );

You should now have a menu item in your admin control panel for "Manage Extensions".


This extension is intended to override the 'normal' way other nova2 extensions are installed and are enabled.

For site managers

When you install extensions, the instructions tell you to add an activation line to nova/application/config/extensions.php. You Do not need to do that if you have the ExtensionManager.

If you do add anything to this file, please make sure that the above code (in Installation step #3) is always at the end of the file.

To install other extensions

  1. Place the extension folder in nova/application/extensions/
  2. Inside nova Control Panel, click on "Manage Extensions".

Do not add activation code to nova/application/config/extensions.php

For extension developers

ExtensionManager is meant to display available extensions for site managers. All extensions will appear, but as a developer, you have the option of adding more information about your extension so the user can see it.

This information lives in a file called details.json that is expected to be in the root directory of your extension directory.

The file has to include a JSON object. For example:

	"name": "ExtensionManager",
	"version": "1.0.0",
	"description": "An extension that can manage other extensions with a visual interface.",
	"url": "",
	"author": {
		"name": "Moriel Schottlender",
		"email": "",
		"url": ""

The parameters in the details.json file are optional:

  • name Extension name.
  • version The current version of your extension.
  • description A short description about your extension. This description will appear in the extension management screen for the site administrators.
  • url A link to a site or page about your extension. This link will appear in the extension management screen for the site administrators.
  • author An object describing the extension author, with the following details: ** name Author name ** email Author email ** url A link to the author's website

This file is optional but is highly encouraged.

Bugs and feature requests

Please submit bugs or feature requests as issues to this repository.

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