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Anytime Golf and the Bork 3D Game Engine
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Anytime Golf: Magic Touch

"Anytime Golf: Magic Touch" is an interactive golf simulation game for iPhone and iPad developed by Robert Rose and Jake Helms through Bork 3D LLC.

In 2015 Bork 3D released the source code and source art material for the game to the public under a permissive BSD-style open source license.

The source code includes the Bork 3D Game Engine, a C++ game engine capable of targeting iOS, MacOS and Windows.



Xcode is required.

Open code/game/golf.xcodeproj and compile the iPhone or iPad, Debug or Release targets.


Xcode7 is required.

Open code/game/macos/example_macos.xcodeproj and compile the Debug or Release targets.


Visual Studio 2013 is required.

FreeImage.dll is required to run the game. FreeImage is distributed under less-permissive license terms so must be downloaded separately. You can obtain FreeImage.dll from Place the file in code\game.

Open code\game\win32\game.sln and compile the Debug or Release targets.

Stereoscopic 3D

The branch 'stereo_3d' contains an experimental port of Anytime Golf for Windows that renders the game in stereoscopic 3D on nVidia 3D Vision systems.

Thanks to @tliron for the example code that outlines how to render OpenGL in a manner compatible with nVidia 3D Vision. See


Source code and source artwork covered by LICENSE file.

Music Copyright (c) Mick Rippon. All Rights Reserved.

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