A simple ruby solution to displaying addresses.
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Address Logic

This is a simple library that takes away the annoyances of displaying addresses in a view. Since various parts of an address can sometimes be optional, such as “street2”, displaying addresses was not fun:

# some HAML view
= address.street1
- if !address.street2.blank?
  = address.street2
== #{address.city}, #{address.state} #{address.zip}
= address.country

That's just ugly. Instead, you can do this with Address Logic:

= address.address_parts.join("<br />")

Or, what about a single line address?

= address.address_parts.join(", ")

Maybe you only want city and state:

= address.address_parts(:only => [:city, :state]).join(", ")

Granted the above is probably easier without using AddressLogic, but it will purge any blank items in the address, so if city or state are optional then it would be cleaner to use AddressLogic.

Install and use

As a gem:

$ sudo gem install addresslogic

Or as a plugin

$ sudo script/plugin install url

Then ust include the AddressLogic module into any class of your choice. All that it assumes is that you have the street1, street2, city, state, zip, country (optional) methods.

class Address
  include Addresslogic

Helpful links

* Documentation: addresslogic.rubyforge.org

Copyright © 2009 Ben Johnson of [Binary Logic](www.binarylogic.com), released under the MIT license