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* Users cannot be directly deleted anymore. They are disabled in order to not break references and keep the correct history.
If you really want to delete a user you have to resort to the script/console or SQL for now. Fixes ticket #110.
* Move gems to vendor/gems and update Capistrano to 2.5.5 and Net::SSH to 2.0.11
* Update Rails to 2.2.2
* Add support to lookup configuration parameters in the definition of configuration parameters:
set :foo, "123"
set :bar, "a #{foo} here"
Only works for configuration parameter (build-in like release_path or your own). DOES NOT EXECUTE CODE
* Add Hash type to variables. Provided by #103
* Add locking. A running deployment locks the stage, so that no other deployment ca be run. Overridable by checkbox.
* Update Net::SSH to 2.0.10 and Capistrano to 2.5.4
* Add Thin template for Rails. Provided by Richard Piacentini
* Added CAS-auth support. Provided by Tim Shadel.
* Auto-scroll deployment log
* Ability to cancel running deployments. Refactor deployment status.
* Show recent deployments on the project page
* A deployment comment is no longer required, it is optional from now on
* Track deployed revisions
* Rename 'www' role to 'web' to match Capistrano, #91 by
* Support array values for configuration paramters, #93 by paradise
* Update Capistrano to 2.5.0
* Update to Rails 2.1.1
* Allow to clone a project. Stages and configuration is cloned for now. Closes #85
* Add Recipe versioning with version_fu. Provided by Mathias Meyer
* Add /projects/1/stages/1/deployments/latest. Provided by Mathias Meyer
* Fix XML output of stage tasks. Provided by Mathias Meyer
* Add version info XML action. Provided by Mathias Meyer
* Update Net::SSH to 1.1.3
* Add support for mod_rails / Phusion Passenger. Use mod_rails as project type.
* Ability to disable host per deloy. This way host that are down do not block a deployment
* Check syntax of recipes. Provided by Mathias Meyer
* Ajax-Preview on recipe edit. Provided by Mathias Meyer
* Update Capistrano to 2.2.0 and Net::SFTP to 1.1.1
* Better handling of `repeat` task by also repeating the description
* Moved ActionController session key to webistrano_config.rb
* Used template naming conventions of Rails 2.x: Provided by
*.rhtml => *.html.erb
*.rjs => *.js.rjs
* Updated to Prototype 1.6
* Add script/deploy Ruby script to deploy from the command line, provided by Peter J Jones <>
* Update included Rails version to 2.0.2
* Add tztime and give each user a time zone
* Introduce a 5 second sleep between mongrel stop and start while restarting'
* Only admins can manage projects, recipes, hosts, and users. Normal users can only view.
* Show also all recent deployments in dashboard
* Rename deployments DB column to description in order to prevent Oracle crash, fix #17
* Delete the cached stylesheet on server boot
* A stage can list all available tasks []
* By default Webistrano will allocate a pty in contrast to Capistrano 2.1.0
* Add git support with Capistrano 2.1.0
* Add Capistrano 2.1.0
* Add experimental support for ssh_keys and ssh_ports as normal configuration parameter.
Currently only one SSH key is supported.
* Highlight recipe syntax with syntax gem.
* Distinguish roles also by ssh_port, so that multiple roles with the same IP
but different SSH ports will be accepted. Provided by Al Evans.
* Add no_symlink attribute to role. Provided by Al Evans.
* Multiple UI fixes and enhancements
* Moved recipes from project level to stage level. So multiple stages can share recipes.
* Updated included net-ssh to 1.1.2