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My personal, simple, VSCode Rust integration tool.
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Rust Assist logo

Rust Assist

Simple VSCode diagnostic integration. Provides: code diagnostics, formatting, and snippets.

This extension is for if the RLS is causing you issues. If it is not, I recommend trying out the official Rust VSCode Extension.


Inline Code Diagnostics

This extension automatically provides inline diagnostics for Rust by calling cargo check and parsing the output. As a result, it avoids using the RLS. This isn't ideal in the long term, but currently the nightly RLS preview has trouble on some projects and crashes frequently.

By default, this runs on save and on startup.


Formatting is supported through the rustfmt tool. Formatting style can be configured by creating a rustfmt.toml file in the same directory as your Cargo.toml file. Possible configuration settings can be found here. More information about the rustfmt tool can be found here.

By default, formatting is not enabled.

Supports Multiple Rust Projects

It supports multiple rust projects in the same workspace. The extension will search for Cargo.toml files in the workspace and use them as the root directories to generate diagnostics for.


Basic snippets are provided for Rust.



  • cargo is required on your path.
  • rustfmt is required on your path.

Installing rustfmt

Make sure you have rustup installed. Instructions for installing rustup can be found here.

If you have already installed rustfmt via cargo, you will need to delete it from your cargo bin directory. Using rustfmt through cargo may break when switching toolchains or updating the compiler.

Install rustfmt by running:

rustup component add rustfmt-preview

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

Setting Description Default
rust-assist.diagnosticsOnStartup Specifies if diagnostics should be generated on startup. true
rust-assist.diagnosticsOnSave Specifies if diagnostics should be generated on save. true
rust-assist.formatOnSave Specifies if the file should be formatted on save. false
rust-assist.formatMode The format mode to write in. Backup generates backups, overwrite does not. overwrite

Known Issues

If a Cargo.toml file is not found, the extension will not provide diagnostic data.

Release Notes

0.2.3 - 2018-11-07

  • Display an error when there's an configuration error in rustfmt.toml.
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