gstore is a Ruby client library for the Google Storage API
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Ruby client library for the Google Storage API

This is the first release and supports all the basic operations. Advanced support for ACLs etc.. coming soon

Install the gem

sudo gem install gstore

Using the gem

Visit The Google Storage Key Manager to get your access and secret keys.

In your code just: require 'gstore'

Basic Examples

Create an instance of the client with your credentials:

client =
   :access_key => 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY',
   :secret_key => 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY'

# List all of your existing Buckets

Here are some example bucket operations:

# Create a Bucket

# Retrieve a Bucket

# Delete a [empty] Bucket

Once you have a bucket you can manipulate objects in the following way:

# Store a file in a bucket
client.put_object('my_unique_bucket', 'my_first_object', :data =>'mytext.txt'))

# Retrieve the contents of the object in the specified bucket
puts client.get_object('my_unique_bucket', 'my_first_object')

# Alternatively specify an outfile and the contents will be saved to there
client.get_object('my_unique_bucket', 'my_first_object', :outfile => 'retrieved_mytext.txt')

# Delete an object from the bucket
client.delete_object('my_unique_bucket', 'my_first_object')

Advanced Examples

Query parameters

For certain requests like get_bucket('my_unique_bucket') you can specify query parameters like max-keys, prefix, delimiter and marker (see The Google Developer Guide) for more information.

Here’s an example with gstore:

client.get_bucket('my_unique_bucket', :params => {:max_keys => 2, :prefix => 'backup'})
  • max_keys is converted to max-keys so you can use the ruby symbol without quotes. :"max-keys" and "max-keys" also work

Access Control

Here is how you retrieve the ACL for a bucket or object:

client.get_bucket('my_unique_bucket', :params => {:acl => ''})
client.get_bucket('my_unique_bucket', 'my_first_object', :params => {:acl => ''})

To create a bucket or object with one of the pre-defined ACL’s:

client.create_bucket('my_public_bucket', :headers => {:x_goog_acl => 'public-read'})
client.create_object('my_public_bucket', 'my_public_object', :headers => {:x_goog_acl => 'public-read-write'})
  • x_goog_acl is converted to x-goog-acl so you can use the ruby symbol without quotes. :"x-goog-acl" and "x-goog-acl" also work