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This is a slashem variant.  Take a look.  Or don't.  Whatever suits your fancy.
There's not much to see yet.  Mainly a standard complement of all the bug fixes
and ui enhancements that slashem has missed over the last 15 years, plus a few
of my own.  It's also in the process of being rebased to NetHack 3.6.  See TODO
for a tentative list of ideas for things to maybe do/add at some point.

Though heading toward a releasable version, it is currently VERY volatile.  The
version of 0.0.0E999F0-Alpha reflects this.

Saves may break at any time.

Crashes and other bugs will be frequent.

In the future, techniques will be implemented that (hopefully) reduce the rate
of save breakage, but that's a LONG way out.

You should still play it, though!  It's super fun.

!Help wanted!
Any and all help is /very/ welcome.  This includes development help, but also
playtesting, writing documentation (I don't write documentation until right
before release, meaning that unless a new version _just_ came out, there is
definitely documentation to write), drawing art assets, designing levels, etc.
I would also specifically like help with the following items:

- Design input from someone who plays NetHack with tiles, to help with
  designing a new tiled interface for Slash'EM.

- Ensuring that the game runs on Windows, and that it compiles under MSVC.

- Integration and maintenance of an iOS windowport (see:,

- Integration and maintenance of an Android windowport

- Integration and maintenance of a win32 windowport.  (One already exists in
  NetHack, as NetHackW, but I removed it from from Slash'EM as I don't run
  Windows and so can't commit to to maintaining/testing it.)

- Creation and maintenance of a cocoa windowport.
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