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(MIRROR) Moonad Accomplishments, Status, and Goals
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Moonad Roadmap


Main Accomplishments:

  • Designed the first version of Formality with the aim of developing an efficient proof language for smart-contracts and applications. It included native datatypes and a prototypal interaction-net compiler.

  • Designed Symmetric Interaction Calculus, a parallel model of computation with applications to efficient, optimal and parallel evaluation of functional programs.

  • Explored it and wrote a blog post detailing our insights.


Q1 Accomplishments

Q2 Accomplishments

  • Developed Elementary-Affine-Core (EA-TT), the untyped version of EA-TT.

  • Restructured Formality (the typed proof language) into many sub-projects:

    • Formality-Core (FM-TT): Formality's untyped core, which extends EA-Core with numbers.

    • Formality-Net (FM-Net): Formality's interaction-net, an efficient compile target which extends EA-Net with numbers.

    • Formality-Type-Theory (FM-TT): Formality's underlying type theory, which extends EA-TT with numbers (ongoing).

  • Wrote several FM-Core libraries, including:

    • In-place array library, thanks to linear types!

    • Lists, numbers, tuples and other core FP libs.

    • Ongoing implementation of FM-Core within itself, which will be the base of Formality-Lang.

    • Keccak!

    • A toy game as a demo of its power (and of non-Turing-complete languages!).

  • Finished the EA-Net->EVM compiler. Still needs optimizations. FM-Net next.

  • A prototypal C-backend for FM-Net. (Soon we'll have C++/LLVM experts optimizing it!)

  • Wrote a Github Wiki for Formality-Core.

Current Status (updated: June 22, 2019)

Right now, we're focusing in graduating from the EF and creating our own company. The team size is expected to grow from 4 to about 10 people. Our mission will be to develop Formality as an efficient, user-friendly proof language suitable to write smart-contracts, graphical applications, servers and so on.


Why is Formality important to Ethereum?

Proof languages merge mathematics and programming in a single language. They are secure. Ethereum needs security. We don't have efficient proof languages. Ethereum needs efficienty. Formality is a efficient and Formality is proof language. Thus Ethereum needs Formality. QED. (TODO: formal proof)

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