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Experimental Ruby DSL for creating AQL queries

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'Ere I am, J.H. ...The ghost in the machine.
— Mr. Helpmann

AQL is currently redesigned. Brazil is on hiatus.

Brazil is an experimental Ruby DSL for creating queries for the ArangoDB in the the Arango Query Language. Brazil is also the fifth biggest producer of Avocados (according to Wikipedia) and an amazing movie.

Brazil is not intended to be a Object Document Mapper, but to be used by the ODM to build the queries. It is built for Ruby 1.9 only. The compatability with Ruby 1.9.2, 1.9.3, JRuby (1.9 Mode) and Rubinius (1.9 Mode) is tested by Travis.


ArangoDB is...

[...] a document-store, which focuses on durability of the data taking advantage of new technologies like SSD, support for graph and geo algorithms needed in social networks, ease of use for the developer and minimal effort to operate for the administrator.

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