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Moonlight Embedded

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Moonlight Embedded is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream, as used by the NVIDIA Shield, but built for Linux.

Moonlight Embedded allows you to stream your full collection of games from your powerful Windows desktop to your (embedded) Linux system, like Raspberry Pi, CuBox-i and ODROID.


More information about installing and runnning Moonlight Embedded is available on the wiki.


  • GFE compatible computer with GTX 600/700/900/1000 series GPU (for the PC you're streaming from)
  • High-end wireless router (802.11n dual-band recommended) or wired network
  • Geforce Experience 2.1.1 or higher

Quick Start

  • Ensure your GFE server and client are on the same network
  • Turn on Shield Streaming in the GFE settings
  • Pair Moonlight Embedded with the GFE server
  • Accept the pairing confirmation on your PC
  • Connect to the GFE Server with Moonlight Embedded
  • Play games!


Please check the wiki and old bug reports before submitting a new bug report.

Bugs can be reported to the issue tracker.

See also

Moonlight-common-c is the shared codebase between different Moonlight implementations


  1. Fork us
  2. Write code
  3. Send Pull Requests