Moonlight PC v0.6.5

@cgutman cgutman released this Mar 11, 2016

Please report any broken functionality. Performance will vary by PC. Streaming 1080p at 60 FPS requires a powerful client machine because decoding is done in software. This port is not nearly as functional or high performance as other Moonlight clients.

Use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q to quit the stream. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift toggles mouse capture in the streaming window.

If you've started a stream from another device, you will probably have to terminate it manually on the PC or end it from the device you started it with before you can start a new one to a different device.

If you're running 64-bit Windows, you'll want to get the JAR that corresponds to the architecture of the JRE you're running which might not match architecture of your Windows installation. I'd suggest trying the win32 version unless you explicitly remember installing a 64-bit JRE. An error message will appear telling you the proper JAR to download if you pick the wrong one.

Users running Windows XP must install the DirectX End-User Runtime before running Moonlight. It can be found at


  • Added support for GFE Beta 2.11