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Moonlight's tactical guide to working from anywhere!
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Remote Work Encyclopedia

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Moonlight's tactical guide to working from anywhere! It covers getting things done, hiring great people, and growing quickly, based on proven tactics from the companies and developers in Moonlight's global community.

See the guide published at


This repo is built using Vuepress. If you want a general introduction, we recommend this tutorial video.


Install the Yarn package manager to develop in it, then call the command yarn in this directory to install the required dependencies.

You can see if you have Yarn installed by running yarn --version in your terminal. If the command is not installed, then you can install Yarn on macOS and Unix by running this script in your terminal:

curl -o- -L | bash


After installing the require dependencies, run these commands from this directory:

  1. Install dependencies: yarn
  2. Boot the development environment: yarn run dev.

You will be able to access the code on localhost:8080. As you change the text, it will update the website automatically.

When you are done, stop the development server by closing the shell session or running Ctrl+c on your keyboard.

The main content for the website is in the docs/ folder, formatted as Markdown (with some extensions)


Please see


This is a book, not a software project. Please see LICENSE

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