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adding rudimentary logging

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1 parent fb67a6c commit 27948dbb34507b81331c1adb959fc0262505ac72 @jasondew jasondew committed with
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  1. +10 −2 src/Bird/BirdResponder.hs
12 src/Bird/BirdResponder.hs
@@ -7,11 +7,19 @@ import Data.Maybe
import Bird.Reply
import Bird.Request
import qualified Data.Map as Hash
+import Text.Printf
+import System.CPUTime
type BirdResponder = StateT Reply (ReaderT Request IO)
-runBirdResponder request router =
- runReaderT (execStateT (router request) def) request
+runBirdResponder request router = do
+ printf "Processing %s request of %s with %s\n" (show $ verb request) (show $ path request) (show $ params request)
+ start <- getCPUTime
+ reply <- runReaderT (execStateT (router request) def) request
+ end <- getCPUTime
+ printf " Response code: %s\n" (show $ replyStatus reply)
+ printf " Response time: %0.3fs\n\n" (((fromIntegral (end - start)) / (10^12)) :: Double)
+ return reply
body b = do
reply <- get

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thanks jason! i'm merging into a "logging" branch, if the baby gives me enough free time today i'll refactor it a bit; planning on adding a WriterT monad into the BirdResponder monad stack, so that both the framework and users of the framework can use the logger.

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