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About Dynomite

Dynomite is an eventually consistent distributed key value store written in Erlang. The design is based off of Amazon’s Dynamo paper. Dynomite currently implements the following features described in the Dynamo paper, plus some stuff not covered by the paper.

  • Vector clocks
  • Merkle trees
  • Consistent hashing
  • Tunable quorum
  • Gossiping of membership
  • Gossiped synchronization of partitions
  • Pluggable storage engines
  • Thrift interface
  • Web console with canvas visualizations


Here are our current latency numbers. Testing environment / parameters are described here.

get stats: 69460 datapoints avg: 0.0196952719424803 med: 0.00512599945068359 99.9:0.904291868209839 put stats: 70250 datapoints avg: 0.0163999632126072 med: 0.00601100921630859 99.9:0.742844820022583



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