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Makes Pibb+Fluid one hell of a steez.

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Steezy Chat
by Ian Collins and Toby Sterrett
Grade 3


This script aims to make the experience of using a web-based chat client
completely awesome. It is to be used as either a userscript in Fluid or Firefox 3 (with Greasemonkey).

Currently Pibb and Campfire are supported and more can be added easily by
request, or you could fork this on Github and HAAAACK.

Preferences panel


Fluid Specific

  • number of new messages on dock, for currently focused tab.
    number of unread messages on dock icon (Fluid)

Fluid or Firefox + Callout plugin

  • Inserts input on page for comma-delineated list of strings to growl alert on.
    alt text


  • Clicking in message window clears unread messages and focuses message input.
  • If you type message it is marked as unread, as well as all others above it.
  • When elements are injected by this script the message window will scroll to fit them, unless the user is currently scrolled upwards in the conversation (because that would get annoying).

Away status auto-reply

  • Enter a string into the provided "away message" text box and check "away" -- now anytime someone mentions one of your aliases it will submit that string you provided as a message automatically.

Message Styling

  • Unread messages are colored.
  • Message with aliases from alias list highlighted.
  • Messages you wrote are colored for quick-scanning chat history.


  • Inserting of img tags for messages that contain img urls.
    alt text
  • Inserting of images of tweets when a tweet url is in a message.
    alt text
  • Put someone's alias and the string "HAHA" in a message if they did some stupid shit.
  • "sadtrombone" or "wah" in a message to bring up a sadtrombone button.
  • "dnw" or "do not want" to inline the famous darth vader image.
  • In-lined emoticons.
  • In-lining of YouTube and Vimeo videos.
    alt text


  • Almost all of the above features can be configured through a cookie-saved, inline form.



  1. Make sure you have the latest Fluid
  2. Save the script and put it into your ~/Library/Application\ Support/Fluid/SSB/(app name)/Userscripts/ directory.
  3. Set the icon to this (if Pibb)


  1. Install Greasemonkey
  2. Install Callout plugin (currently requires Mozilla login)
  3. Install this script. Easiest at Userscripts


There should be a little INPUT box at the bottom right or left of your screen. Fill it in with a list of aliases, comma-separated without spaces (e.g. "ian,Ian C.,3n,titanian,everyone").

If any of those strings appear in a message, it will turn orange and you should get a growl alert. It is saved in a cookie, so you should only have to write it once.

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