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Preboot 2 (SCSS conversion)

Preboot is a collection of LESS mixins and variables for quickly writing CSS. As the precursor to Bootstrap, it serves as a lightweight and interface agnostic approach to jumpstarting your next web project. Use it how you see fit.

This project is a conversion of the LESS version to SASS (in SCSS syntax).

Getting started

Preboot.scss requires SASS. Head over to their documentation and familiarize yourself with the project. Once you're up and running, including and using Preboot is a breeze.

  1. Create a new SCSS file (e.g., application.scss)
  2. Include Preboot via @import "preboot";
  3. Start writing your own SCSS-flavored CSS

We highly recommend using Preboot in conjunction with Normalize, a powerful tool for more consistent rendering of web components across various browsers and devices.


Mark Otto

SASS: Conversion less to Sass

Converted to Sass by:

Clément Bourgeois

Port hints

SASS functions reference is available at :

LESS -> SASS special mappings

LESS function argb(@val) -> SCSS function ie_hex_str($val)

Brief history

Preboot was originally released in March 2011 under the name Bootstrap.less. Sensing the need for a larger and more comprehensive framework, I copped the name and created Bootstrap based on the original variables and mixins work here. To avoid obivous naming issues, I renamed this Preboot and essentially didn't touch the project for two years.

Fast forward two years and I'm backporting many of Bootstrap's variables and mixins back into Preboot as v2.

Disclaimer: Preboot v1 (Bootstrap.less) was released under a Creative Commons license and is still available. Preboot 2 is now under MIT.

Copyright and license