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MoonSharp Build Status Build Status

A complete Lua solution written entirely in C# for the .NET, Mono, Xamarin and Unity3D platforms.


  • 99% compatible with Lua 5.2 (with the only unsupported feature being weak tables support)
  • Support for metalua style anonymous functions (lambda-style)
  • Easy to use API
  • Debugger support for Visual Studio Code (PCL targets not supported)
  • Remote debugger accessible with a web browser and Flash (PCL targets not supported)
  • Runs on .NET 3.5, .NET 4.x, .NET Core, Mono, Xamarin and Unity3D
  • Runs on Ahead-of-time platforms like iOS
  • Runs on IL2CPP converted code
  • Runs on platforms requiring a .NET 4.x portable class library (e.g. Windows Phone)
  • No external dependencies, implemented in as few targets as possible
  • Easy and performant interop with CLR objects, with runtime code generation where supported
  • Interop with methods, extension methods, overloads, fields, properties and indexers supported
  • Support for the complete Lua standard library with very few exceptions (mostly located on the 'debug' module) and a few extensions (in the string library, mostly)
  • Async methods for .NET 4.x targets
  • Supports dumping/loading bytecode for obfuscation and quicker parsing at runtime
  • An embedded JSON parser (with no dependencies) to convert between JSON and Lua tables
  • Easy opt-out of Lua standard library modules to sandbox what scripts can access
  • Easy to use error handling (script errors are exceptions)
  • Support for coroutines, including invocation of coroutines as C# iterators
  • REPL interpreter, plus facilities to easily implement your own REPL in few lines of code
  • Complete XML help, and walkthroughs on

For highlights on differences between MoonSharp and standard Lua, see

Please see for downloads, infos, tutorials, etc.


The program and libraries are released under a 3-clause BSD license - see the license section.

Parts of the string library are based on the KopiLua project ( Debugger icons are from the Eclipse project (


Use of the library is easy as:

double MoonSharpFactorial()
	string script = @"    
		-- defines a factorial function
		function fact (n)
			if (n == 0) then
				return 1
				return n*fact(n - 1)

	return fact(5)";

	DynValue res = Script.RunString(script);
	return res.Number;

For more in-depth tutorials, samples, etc. please refer to