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  • Visual Studio Code debugging now supports multiple script objects
  • Support for .NET Core
  • Support for Unity WebGL
  • Support for WSA targets at source level
  • Improved support of other Unity targets
  • Unity package is now included inside distribution zip file (easier to use and faster to deploy than the asset store)
  • Stripped source distribution is now included inside distribution zip file (to ease custom framework builds)
  • Improved compatibility layer for API changes between .NET framework releases
  • Fixed : NuGet packages for VsCode debugger were broken
  • Fixed : VsCode debugger breakpoints might get missed
  • Fixed : VsCode debugger keeps the program running on exit because of a foreground thread
  • Fixed an issue where hardwiring a delegate generated invalid ctor calls #158 (thanks issingle)
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  • Support for debugging from Visual Studio Code (see here for details)
  • Serialization/Deserialization of tables and objects to JSON
  • JSON library added
  • Unity Asset Store package - now in "pending approval" stage
  • Various (breaking) changes to debugger infrastructure
  • Added optional args to Script.DoFile, Script.DoString and Script.DoStream methods
  • Fixed issues and added optional args to Script.DoFileAsync, Script.DoStringAsync and Script.DoStreamAsync methods (.NET 4.x and PCL targets only)
  • Fixed a minor bug in table serialization of string fields

Warning : this version has some minor but breaking changes for custom debuggers. If you have implemented a custom debugger, be prepared to add a couple of new methods to your object (empty methods are enough).

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  • Behaviour of C# functions called using the colon ':' operator can be chosen using the ColonOperatorClrCallbackBehaviour Script option (see also #149).
  • Vastly improved performance of table insertion #144 (thanks nshibano)
  • Vastly improved performance of table appends (somewhat related to #144)
  • Added disposability to debugger host chain #150 (thanks aravol)
  • Fixed : require didn't always skip loading already loaded modules
  • Fixed : Table.Clear crashing #151 (thanks JokieW)
  • Fixed : Error loading moonsharp.exe #148 (thanks InfectedBytes)
  • Fixed : Script processing fails on files smaller than 8 bytes ... #145 (thanks nagblock)
  • Fixed : SyntaxErrorException On valid lua syntax #147 (thanks andreluis034)
  • Fixed : Hexadecimal numbers were accepted with weird prefixes (like 5x1234)
  • Fixed : MoonSharp clobber syntex error details during require #121 (thanks fgretief)
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  • Added a RethrowExceptionNested option to Script.GlobalOptions which instead of doing a plain re-throw of exceptions, embeds them in the InnerException property of a new exception object. Useful to simplify handling (newer exceptions are automatically decorated) and to preserve stack traces on Mono/Unity (annoying Mono bug..)
  • Removed _ENV tables from serialized bytecode (thanks Matija Hustić)
  • Added non-standard contains, startsWith and endsWith methods to string module.
  • Refactored the Table class's Set/Get methods to be more symmetrical, with added RawGet, Remove and Append methods (thanks Francois Retief)
  • Added strong names (thanks Fernando P. Najera Cano)
  • Fixed : Events missing add or remove methods could cause a NullReferenceException
  • Fixed : __newindex metamethod can completely break the MoonSharp VM (bad bad bug)
  • Fixed : Lexer matched non-western digits as valid numbers (if you are a .NET developer, recommended read: this - ouch)
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  • Hardwiring.
  • DynValue.NewPrimeTable() to create a prime table, that is a table which can be shared between Scripts
  • Special syntax for table constructor ${ ... } which can be used to declare a "prime" table.
  • Serialization of prime tables as exchange data format
  • Created IRegistrationPolicy interface to customize the type registration process
  • Fixed: changing the first upvalue of a chunk did not change the _ENV of that chunk (#126)
  • Fixed: UserData.RegisterAssembly was not registering types correctly if no assembly was passed
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  • Support for proxy objects - a nice way to encapsulate objects exposed to script and create the base for many clever tricks
  • Support for sub-objects in property assigners
  • MoonSharpHide attribute to specify members not to be exposed to Lua scripts
  • MoonSharpVisible attribute now can be added to constructors too
  • MoonSharpHidden attribute as a shortcut for MoonSharpVisible(false) also in an easier namespace to use
  • UnityAssetScriptLoader has new constructors which don't require reflection use (to ease IL2CPP porting, which is a pain in any case)
  • Fixed a weird bug with using the same destination variable twice in a for-iterator statement (while syntax is parsed correctly, behavior is still undefined as it's not really correct Lua)
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  • New feature: Preemptive coroutines to limit time spent in scripts while preserving state.
  • Added Script parameter to custom converters - this might break compatibility if you were getting custom converters. (Issue #118)
  • Added methods to easily build an array table from a DynValue array.
  • Fixed issue #117 - long empty comments not lexed correctly.
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  • Added a PropertyTableAssigner facility which allows POCO objects made of properties to be filled by deserialization of a table.
  • Added a DebuggerEnabled property so that the debugger can be disabled for specific scripts invocations (issue #113)
  • Script loading now uses an access mode which allows shared operations (thanks Atom0s)
  • Fixed: Capturing varargs in table from inner scope causes null ref exception (issue #110)
  • Fixed: Event re-registration might now work (issue #112)
  • Fixed: error messages in load and loadfile functions were at times unhelpful (issue #107)

Plus.. hey it's 1.0!

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  • Fixed a major bug in how variable arguments were handled (issue #92)
  • Fixed a problem with the registration of extension types (issue #100)
  • Fixed a potential incompatibility with IronPython and assembly auto-discovery (issue #96)
  • Fixed an invalid datetime format specifier in os module (thanks edwingeng) (issue #99)
  • Ownerships checks added to scripts, tables and closures (issue #93)
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Mostly a bugfix release:

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs concerning tuples and variable arguments (...) functions (See issue #92)
  • Added checks for illegal cross-script usage of some types (See issue #93)