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@xanathar xanathar released this
· 189 commits to master since this release
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  • Removed ANTLR dependencies
  • Improved performances at load methods
  • string.dump implemented
  • Bytecode serialization supported
  • Goto statements supported
  • Hex floats support
  • Tail call optimization support
  • Invalid comparison functions in table.sort now correctly report errors
  • Better coverage of error messages at the lexer level
  • I/O streams are now customizable.
  • Support for conversions to List, IList, T[], Dictionary<K,V> and other generic collection types
  • Support for customizable type converters
  • Constructors can be called on userdata (by calling a fictitious __new method on a static userdata)
  • tonumber() supports all bases between 2 and 10 (thanks jerneik)
  • Fixed a bug where the debugger connected to the wrong hostname [Flash security is perverted]
  • Fixed a potential memory leak and other hypotetical issues when a deep nested break is executed
  • Compatibility with mono --full-aot (which should include iOS support on Unity / Xamarin)
  • Test suite fixed for an issue where the wrong optimization mode on userdata is chosen
  • A lot of reordered things in code.. a lot of easily repairable breaking changes, sorry
  • Extended XML help coverage
  • Version for portable.NET 4.x and .NET 4.x frameworks
  • Tested on Windows Store Apps (win8/8.1)
  • Tested on Windows Phone 8.1
  • Tested on Silverlight 5
  • Tested on iOS (minor issues still to be solved)