Tool chain for loading machine code to an unmodified RC2014
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RC2014 Loader Tools

Tools for assembling and loading binaries onto an unmodified RC2014 computer.

No need to burn roms to experiment with assembly/machine code.

Depends on python2.x.x, xxd, z80asm, and z80dasm. Assumes you are running Linux or similar and the RC2014 is on /dev/ttyACM0 by default.

make Assemble, load, and run the target program.

make load Assemble and load the target program

make run Run the target program (assuming it is still resident)

make assemble Assemble the target program, write the annotated listing to aout.lst

make dump Assemble and hexdump the target program.

make interactive Load and run a slow but interactive monitor program.

Further information and motivation is available on my blog.