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1.4.0 June 26th 2019

  • Cross realm support: Added new communication/sync direct channel to allow for cross realm boxing (message the slot1/master).
    • Check if we are on the same realm and use alternate direct messaging when we're not.
    • Use the new MoLib CreateSecureMessage() and VerifySecureMessage() to create signed secured messages
    • We use regular chat whispers as the addon whispers do not work cross realm (!), with a whisperPrefix)
      We forward authenticated, new messages to the channel and we reply with our own known set.
    • Loop/misconfiguration(bug) detection
    • Limitations in this version (to be improved soon but it's already very usable/big step from 1.3):
      • You may need to issue "/dbox m" on the slaves that aren't in master realm if you reload the master
      • You may need to type "/dbox show" on the master to copy paste to the out of realm slaves "/dbox init" when changing master
  • Implemented issue #15: Reset the EMA team to be exactly the dynamic team, in slot order
  • Updated toc for BfA patch 8.2 (still works on classic too!)
  • Changed all functions to use : so I spent less time chasing silly error where I called with . instead of : or vice versa
  • Changed hashing to be 64 bits (2 32 bits hashes to be precise). It means your previous token will be invalidated (sorry!)
  • /dbox reset now takes a mandatory extra argument: /dbox reset all for previous all reset behavior and
    new team and token options to clear the team history and the token, respectively.
  • Integrated MoLib's LRU for keeping last N masters
  • Fixed bug when changing master to longer one, the dbox show would be truncated to old length
  • Fixed bug where even on channel comm the data was sent twice

Coming next:

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Changes since 1.1.2

1.3.0 June 22nd 2019

  • adding /dbox show to show the current master token (Issue #16)
  • adding /dbox reset to clear all saved variables (start from scratch) this has similar effect to prexisting /dbox init but
    allows to completely clear all state (follow with /reload for it to take effect)
  • removed /dbox channel and /dbox secret as the token is now handled through ui; adding /dbox set to
    set token string from the command line instead of the UI (but /dbox show/init is better)
  • Master automatically enables "show token" (/dbox show) when it detects a change in team,
    so you can add members/copy existing token. Issue #17.
    And it automatically closes the ui popup once the team is complete !
    (broadcast the existing since 1.0 /dbox init if you want to change tokens across windows instead of reuse the last one)
  • Fixed #18 (bug with extra GetParent():Hide() causing master cancel button to hide UI)

Coming next:

  • Cross realm support: Revamped communication/sync to allow for cross realm boxing (message the slot1/master).
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Changes since 1.2.0:

1.2.0 June 18th 2019

  • Revamped simpler yet better and safer setup UI. One time setup is now only 3 broadcast keystrokes:
    Ctrl-C , Ctrl-V , Return (copy, paste, enter; that's it !)

  • Fixed potential issue (as previously cross realm wasn't working anyway) issue with name-realm search and replace
    now using MoLib's ReplaceAll which properly escapes all lua gsub characters for literal search and replace.

Coming next:

  • Revamped communication/sync to allow for cross realm boxing (message the slot1/master).
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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 18, 2019 · 21 commits to master since this release

1.1.2 June 17th 2019
- Fix issue #10 to allow original isboxer characters to be substring of one another, as well as new team characters
(normalizes team in 2 passes)
- Also address another TODO to remove unnecessary realm when same as self, earlier

Coming next:
- Revamped simpler setup UI. Revamped also the communication/sync to allow for cross realm boxing.

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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 14, 2019 · 24 commits to master since this release

Small bug fix from 1.1.0:

1.1.1 June 13th 2019
- Avoid rejoining the same channel right away while doing /dbox init setup UI (needed to clear a few more state)

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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 14, 2019 · 26 commits to master since this release

Now with enhanced one time setup UI! (and bug fixes for partially present team)

Changes since 1.0.0:

1.1.0 June 12th 2019
- Added optional id/password generator, you can tab between the 2 copy/paste etc (can be used for channel
but mostly for the secret, it must be pasted on all windows, if copied, /dbox random to get just this utility)
(Issue #8) with lots of work/learning to get a cool fixed width narrow display and handle tab, escape, click, select,
typing etc as one may expect.
- Handle trial accounts where BattleNet info is nil (Issue #7)
as part of fix prefix provided channel name with DynamicBoxer4, if left empty (but don't) uses "demo"
- Static dialogs are reusing widgets without reinitializing them (!) so changes made in UI config
need to be reverted on OnHide (like clearing password field)
- make sure we leave previous channel when doing "/dbox init"
- fix bug on macro rewrite when missing slots (lua ipairs stops at first hole)

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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 12, 2019 · 39 commits to master since this release

1.0.0 June 11th 2019 - 1.0 After 6 alpha/beta releases
- Added UI (2 step dialog boxes, ran only once per account) to set channel/secret pair
- Also re runnable using /dbox init later
- Limit maximum number of times we'll try sending/syncing (to 20 times/20s after channel join or /dbox m command)
- DynBoxer.enabled boolean to turn off dynboxer even if loaded/running (optional/no use yet)
- Luacheck'ed and some reformatting to 120 columns
- Ensure /dbox j always sends the sync message
- With all the above and testing showing things working, we are I believe feature complete for 1.0 and out of prototype mode!

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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 11, 2019 · 45 commits to master since this release

This is starting to be solid and efficient folks ! Give it a shot !

0.1.5 June 10th 2019
- Fix for lua error when not running in multiboxing setup (Issue #3)
- Fix duplicate join event/messages
- Debug output now has multiple verbosity level, use /dbox debug 9 for most verbose (new MoLib support for it)
- Cleanup retries
- Handle message send failure

Get the addon ("binary") release from
(it includes substituted version numbers and embedded MoLib)

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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 10, 2019 · 52 commits to master since this release

0.1.4 June 10th 2019
- Fix /reload on one character needing to rebroadcast from others (Issue #1)
- Better color scheme
- Only show isboxer warnings about bindings the first time
- Split into 3 files for clarity and keeping ISBoxer code changes in one place
- Refactor hooking to be cleaner and more generic and not conflict with our own functions
- Globe lint fixes

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@mooreatv mooreatv released this Jun 8, 2019 · 58 commits to master since this release

0.1.3 June 7th 2019
- Auto resync on channel join

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