Source code for the bicycle rider control system identification in "Rider control identification in bicycling using lateral force perturbation tests", Schwab, de Lange, Happee, Moore, 2013..
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Bicycle Rider Identification Software

This is the accompanying software to derive the results found in the paper:

Rider control identification in bicycling using lateral force pertubation
tests. A.L. Schwab, P.D.L Lange, R.Happee, and Jason K. Moore. Multibody System
Dynamics, 2013

Software Requirements

- Matlab recommended version 2011a or higher
- Matlab Optimization toolbox
- Matlab Control System toolbox
- Matlab DSP System toolbox

Installation and Usage

This source code can be obtained from Figshare
( or Github
( Use one of the following three sets of

$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd RiderID-master


$ git clone git://
$ cd RiderID


$ mkdir RiderID
$ cd RiderID
$ wget
$ tar -zxf rider-id-source.tar.gz

The data can be obtained from Figshare
( Decompress the data file while
in the source directory.

$ wget
$ tar -zxf rider-id-measurements.tar.gz

Now open Matlab, set the current working directory as the project folder, and
run the main program to generate the results for the controller identification:

$ matlab
>> main.m

To generate the optimal control results run:

>> optimalQRv2.m

which reads data from data/ResultsvKFromPeter19dec2012.txt and produces the
results in Tables.mat.


Only a small subset of the collected data was used in this study. The entire
dataset which contains more runs with a variety of riders, manuevers, speeds
and environments is stored in an HDF5 formatted file can be obtained with the
following commands:

$ wget

Uncompress the file and it is ready for use.:

$ bzip2 -d InstrumentedBicycleData.h5.bz2

The BicycleDataProcessor (
software can be used to export .mat files for use with the software herein.


The software and data are licensed under CC-BY 3.0


The data and source code can use the following citation information:

Bicycle Rider Control Identification.  P.D.L de Lange, Jason Moore. figshare.