The course website for EME185:
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Here lie the source files for the UCD Mechanical Engineering senior capstone design course that is organized by Jason K. Moore.

Editing On Github

Navigate to the .rst file you want to change in the content directory and press the pencil to edit the file. The formatting should follow the rules of restructuredText (example guide). Once, done submit a pull request and wait to see if the page properly builds. If it builds, then merge the pull request. If it fail, then edit the files in the pull request to fix the errors and try again.

Local Build Instructions

Install miniconda, add the Conda Forge channel, and create an environment for Pelican sites:

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge
$ conda create -n pelican python=2 pelican fabric ghp-import
$ source activate pelican

Clone the plugin repository:

(pelican)$ mkdir ~/src
(pelican)$ git clone ~/src/pelican-plugins

Rebuild and serve the site locally:

(pelican)$ fab reserve


The text, images, contents, and source of the website are released under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.