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@mooreryan mooreryan released this 20 Jan 02:17

0.2.0-- 2020-01-19

Most important: You can now seed the random number generator for more reproducible runs, and v0.2.0 uses 2/3 of the memory needed by v0.1.1.


  • Makefile for testing the Lee phylum dataset during development.
  • Documentation for:
    • Properly setting MC iter and MC burn options
    • Setting OpenBLAS threads
    • Getting sample order correct in the sample data file


  • Updated
  • Updated docs to describe seeding.
  • Users must now specify a seed for the random number generator in the config files.
  • Switched to the ChaCha20 rng rather than thread_rng()
  • Changed the way the MC iterations are stored. Now divnet-rs uses 1/3 less RAM than before!
  • Updated the rand crate dependencies.