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= Post-1.0
- Document/Literal SOAP support
- URL-based dispatching, URL identifies method
- Add :rest dispatching mode, a.l.a. Backpack API. Clean up dispatching
in general. Support vanilla XML-format as a "Rails" protocol?
XML::Simple deserialization into params?
web_service_dispatching_mode :rest
def method1(params)
def method2(params)
- Allow locking down a controller to only accept messages for a particular
protocol. This will allow us to generate fully conformant error messages
in cases where we currently fudge it if we don't know the protocol.
- Allow AWS user to participate in typecasting, so they can centralize
workarounds for buggy input in one place
= Refactoring
- Don't have clean way to go from SOAP Class object to the xsd:NAME type
string -- NaHi possibly looking at remedying this situation