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diffs two istanbul code coverage json reports.
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NPM version

Uses jsondiffpatch to find & report diffs between two istanbul JSON code coverage summaries in the vein of coveralls.

$ npm install istanbul-diff
$ istanbul-diff test/data/coverage-summary.1.json test/data/coverage-summary.2.json
Coverage increased +60% (10) lines. That's good. (istanbul/)

CLI Usage

  istanbul-diff coverage-summary-before.json coverage-summary-after.json
  --depth <n>    diff to depth n
  --pick <t>     pick out <t> diff, e.g. lines.pct (comma separated)
  --lines        include linesCovered (can be very long!)
  --json         output json diff (always exits successfully)
  --json-compact output compact json diff (always exits successfully)
  --detail [<w>] detailed report. <w>=lines,statements,functions,branches or blank for all
  --recurse      recurse through sub folders (up to depth), otherwise print only root');

  --nomotivate   disabling compliment, or not!
  --nocolor      disable colorized output
  --nofail       do not exit with code 1 if coverage decreases
  --brief        suppress no-change messages');

Job will exit with code 1 (fail) if coverage has regressed (decreased), unless --nofail is given.

Normally only the lines metric is reported. This can be overridden by passing --detail.

Coverage JSON summary files are generated through istanbul's json-summary report, e.g.:

$ istanbul cover --report html --reoprt json-summary .

Alternatively, use the moos fork of istanbul and generate text-folder report which makes a much more compact folder-summary.json files.


$ istanbul-diff test/data/coverage-summary.1.json test/data/coverage-summary.4.json --detail lines,functions
Coverage delta:  -60% (-10) lines, +10% (10) functions (istanbul/)

You can also get a terse summary text of a single JSON summary report:

$ istanbul-diff test/data/coverage-summary.1.json
Coverage 80.53% (1836) lines. You outdid yourself today. (istanbul/)

API Usage

#diff(before, after, options)

Get diff between two coverage JSON summaries.

 * before {Object} - json-summary data, e.g.:
 *     { total: {lines: {total:75,covered:59,skipped:0,pct:78.67}, statements: {...}, ... }
 * after {Object} - json-summary data
 * options {object}
 *    pick {string|array} - 'lines' or 'lines.covered' or array of such. see #pick()
 *    depth {number} - see #dip()
 *    ignoreAdded {boolean} - ignore added diffs
 *    ignoreRemoved {boolean} - ignore removed diffs
 *    ignoreLinesCovered {boolean} - ignore lines covered (detaul: true)
 * @returns {object} - for each key in before/after summaries, return diff value


var istanbulDiff = require('istanbul-diff'),
  cov1 =  JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('data/coverage-summary1.json')),
  cov2 =  JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('data/coverage-summary2.json')),
  diff = istanbulDiff.diff(cov1, cov2);


{ total:
   { lines: { covered: 7, pct: 7.6 },
     statements: { covered: 7, pct: 7.1 },
     branches: { covered: 10, pct: 13 } },
   { lines: { covered: 7, pct: 12 },
     statements: { covered: 7, pct: 11 },
     branches: { covered: 10, pct: 23 } } }

#dip(diff, depth, options)

Prune diff object beyond given depth

 * diff {object} - the diff'd hash
 * depth {number} - root is at 0 (unless options is given)
 * options {object}
 *    rootDepth {number} - the depth of the root node
 * returns {object}

#pick(diff, props)

Cherry pick given properties

 * diff {object} - the diff'd hash
 * props {string|Array} - key map to get, e.g., 'lines.covered', or 'lines'
 * returns {object}

#print(diff, options)

Pretty print difference in coverage

 * diff {object} - the diff'd hash
 * options {object} - 
 *   nocolor {boolean} - don't use ANSI colors in output message
 *   nomotivate {boolean} - don't add motivation message
 *   detail {string} - comma separated list of: lines,statements,functions,branches
 *   recurse {boolean} - recurse through sub folders
 *   brief {boolean} - suppress no-change messages
 * @returns {msg: String, regressed: Boolean} 

regresssed return key is true if any of the metric diffs were negative (used by CLI to return correct exit code).


Print a nicejob message.

 * positive {boolean} - whether compliment should be positive or negative 
 * @returns {string} 


$ npm run test 

To get self coverage report (make sure istanbul is installed):

$ npm run test-cover && open coverage/index.html 


Sample scripts for increasing, decreasing, and same coverage.

$ npm run sample-inc
$ npm run sample-dec
$ npm run sample-same -- --detail
$ npm run sample-single

Change log

  • v2.0.0 - --json now returns correct JSON (thanks @nickofthyme) (⚠️ breaking change to CLI). New --json-compact. Fix readme typos (thanks @maxwu).
  • v1.1.4 - clean up npm package
  • v1.1.3 - Added explicit lodash dependency (Apr 2017)
  • v1.1.2 - Added single file summary reporting & node 4.x (LTS) compatibility (Apr 2017) -v1.1.0 - Renamed data files to coverage-summary to emphasize content. Reformat output text (Apr 2017)
  • v1.0.6 - Added --recurse and --brief options, fixed --nomotivate and --nocolor, add sample scripts (Apr 2017)
  • v1.0.0 - Initial release (Apr 2017)


MIT license.

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