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Revision history for MooseX-SimpleConfig
0.11 2014-11-16 22:03:33Z
- remove optional test prereq by testing .pl config files, rather than .conf
0.10 2013-11-13 01:13:05Z
- repository migrated from shadowcat to the github moose organization
- eliminate race conditions between tests by using separate tempdirs for
config files
- resolve failing test report by removing unnecessary and undeclared prereq
0.09 2010-08-15
- Fix issue with MANIFEST
0.08 2010-08-13
- Fix passing multiple config files to SimpleConfig.
- Tests for this (zby)
0.07 2010-05-22
- Reverse order of testing config files so that latter options on the
command line (when multiple are specified) take precedence. (RT#57027)
- Reduce exception thrown by being unable to find a config file to a
warning (RT#57027)
- Fixed configfile attribute examples
- Added metadata to Makefile.PL
0.06 2010-04-12
- Depend on at least version 0.13 of Config::Any for flatten_to_hash
0.05 2010-10-22
- Allow multiple config files to be loaded and merged.
Patch in RT#48552 from Sawyer X
0.04 2009-11-04
- Allow options to be passed through to Config::Any more easily.
0.03 2008-01-23
- Mostly just added pod and tests for configfile
0.02 2007-12-19
- Skip the tests if neither of YAML or YAML::Syck is
installed (but don't make it a test requirement,
some people won't be using this with YAML at all).
0.01 2007-12-18
- Initial release