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Getting Set Up for this Class

This class assumes that you have a development environment with Perl and Moose installed, as well as a few other perl modules.

Installing Perl

This class should work with Perl back to 5.8.8. That said, I recommend installing a newer Perl than that if possible. There's no reason not to choose the latest stable version of Perl. You can use tools such as plenv or perlbrew to easily install local versions of Perl.

Installing Moose

I highly recommend that you install the cpanminus tool. If you're using perlbrew just run perlbrew install-cpanm. With plenv run plenv install-cpanm. See the cpanminus docs for more options.

Once you have cpanm installed you can install Moose and the required test modules with cpanm Moose Test::Harness Test::More.

Reading the Slides

These slides are simply an HTML file. You can open the file at slides/index.html to view the slides.


See the exercises/ file for more details on the exercises.