MooseFS 3.0.88

@oxide94 oxide94 released this Feb 9, 2017

Dear MooseFS Users,

MooseFS 3.0.88 is stable now! Please find the list of fixes this release includes below:

  • (mount) added read cache clean on write (same file access using different descriptors)
  • (mount) added missing cond_destroy in readdata.c (fix sent by Jakub Ratajczak)
  • (master) fixed initializing packet size for reading 'sustained' directory
  • (all) fixed zassert for printing correct statuses in case of pthread functions
  • (mount) fix fleng in finfo after truncate (patched by Davies Liu @davies)
  • (mount) fix overlapped read (patched by Davies Liu @davies)
  • (mount) fixed invalidating chunk cache after truncate
  • (mount) fixed fleng handling in read worker
  • (mount) fixed handling BREAK state in read worker
  • (mount) changed handling data invalidation in read module (sometimes could be less efficient, but it is much more safer)
  • (tools) fixed number parsing (patched by Paweł Gawroński)
  • (cli) fixed printed host/port options
  • (mount) moved pipes from requests to workers (read and write - huge decrease of descriptors used by mount)
  • (mount) changed signal to broadcast in rwlock (fixed very rare read/write deadlock)
  • (mount) fixed 'open descriptors' leak (lookup(with data for open) -> open(with cached data) -> close)
  • (mount) fixed potential 'race condition' - free csdata during access
  • (master) split (only internally) sustained folder into 256 subfolders (too many sustained files caused socket timeouts in master)

Best regards,
Peter / MooseFS Team