A small public-domain OS.
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Demo1 Plan 42 is dead. Jan 8, 2016
Demo2 Demo 2 makefiles also result in booting images. However, I think more… Dec 19, 2015
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attic Makefiles for stages 1 and 2 now BOTH give bootable images. Onward an… Dec 19, 2015
qemu-how-to-run-it-now.txt Cleanup - also added two makefiles for stages 1 and 2 of the first Br… Dec 17, 2015


*****  README  ***** 

*** STATUS - 8th Jan 2016 *** 

Plan 42 is dead.  

I now realise that I "bit off more than I could chew" when 
getting into OS development.  

It would have been good to have been able to have a small 
public-domain OS that had some similarities with Plan 9. 
The 9p protocol, the way that Plan 9 handles keyboards - 
there are lots of things that Plan 9 does really well.  

For now, the repo will stay up but this is unlikely to be
the case for long. 

- mooseman