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A small public-domain OS. STATUS - Development started.

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*****  README  ***** 

 A start has been made on Plan 42 - a small public-domain 
operating system.

The first priority is to get a small, simple kernel to boot.  
Some P.D. code is available to help with this.  After this 
is done, considerable time will be spent becoming familiar 
with the code and how it works.  

The aim is to first get a very good understanding of the 
basics of booting, kernels and operating systems.  
At that point, it should be possible to start customising 
the kernel to become more "Plan 9-like".  

*** STATUS - 21st Nov 2013 *** 
I'd summarise the status as "going very slowly but not 

It is *almost certain* that further development will use the 
PD code from the excellent OS development tutorial 
series on here -  

- mooseman 

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