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Hi there đź‘‹

Moose is a platform for software analysis.

It allows to represent a software system in a model, and to query, manipulate, transform, and visualize this model.

Moose is based on Pharo and is open source under BSD/MIT.

Have a look at the wiki and the latest posts.


  1. Moose Public

    MOOSE - Platform for software and data analysis.

    Smalltalk 128 36

  2. Famix Public

    An abstract representation of source code. Famix is generic and can describe applications in multiple programming languages.

    Smalltalk 11 21

  3. MooseIDE Public

    New Tools for Moose

    Smalltalk 9 15

  4. VerveineJ Public

    Forked from NicolasAnquetil/VerveineJ

    VerveineJ is a tool written in Java that creates a mse file from Java source code.

    Java 8 4

  5. FAST Public

    Represent the AST of programing language

    Smalltalk 3 3

  6. The website source code

    HTML 12


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