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Fix IE leaks caused by ._fireEvent circular reference

changed empty, now it uses destroy to clean every children tree
this change need a check on destroy, because childNodes returns
on dispose i removed the _fireEvent reference breaking the circular
reference and allowing the gc to clean up the memory (tested with
set('html',...) don't leak but set('text',...) does, so added a
Element.Properties.text setter and done empty() before setting the text

I setup a test page that creates 1000 divs, added these divs to the
body and then use empty(), set('html', ...) and set('text', ...) to get
rid of them, causing a 1000 element leak,
with these changes I managed to drop the leaks from 1000 to 0.
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1 parent 6e16f69 commit 4c68d391dd1d218a69e0f211ffbb503f30d9eb62 @kentaromiura kentaromiura committed Apr 12, 2012
Showing with 10 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +10 −1 Source/Element/Element.js
@@ -800,18 +800,20 @@ var formProps = {input: 'checked', option: 'selected', textarea: 'value'};
destroy: function(){
+ if(! this.getElementsByTagName) return null; //textNode
var children = clean(this).getElementsByTagName('*');
Array.each(children, clean);
return null;
empty: function(){
- Array.from(this.childNodes).each(Element.dispose);
+ Array.from(this.childNodes).each(Element.destroy);
return this;
dispose: function(){
+ this._fireEvent = null;
return (this.parentNode) ? this.parentNode.removeChild(this) : this;
@@ -949,6 +951,13 @@ Element.Properties.html = {
+// fix for IE leak on Element.set('text','')
+Element.Properties.text = {
+ set: function(text){
+ }
var supportsHTML5Elements, supportsTableInnerHTML, supportsTRInnerHTML;

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