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Fixes #916 - its newElement.replaces(oldElement)

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@@ -794,15 +794,15 @@ Clones the Element and returns the cloned one.
Element Method: replaces {#Element:replaces}
-Replaces the Element with an Element passed.
+Replaces the passed Element with Element.
### Syntax:
var element = myElement.replaces(el);
### Arguments:
-1. el - (*mixed*) A string id representing the Element to be replaced with, or an Element reference.
+1. el - (*mixed*) A string id representing the Element to be replaced, or an Element reference.
### Returns:
@@ -1113,6 +1113,9 @@ Returns all the Element's children (excluding text nodes). Returns as [Elements]
* (*array*) A [Elements](#Elements) array with all of the Element's children, except the text nodes.
+### Note:
+The difference between the methods *getChildren* and *getElements* is that getChildren will only return its direct children while getElements searches for all the Elements in any depth.
Element Method: empty {#Element:empty}

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