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- fixing documentation in Drag.Move that I thought was already fixed…

… before closing several tickets yesterday.

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@@ -26,11 +26,7 @@ Drag.Move Method: constructor {#Drag-Move:constructor}
All the base Drag options, plus:
* container - (*element*) If an Element is passed, drag will be limited to the passed Element's size and position.
-* droppables - (*array*) The Elements that the draggable can drop into.
- Interaction with droppable work with events fired on the doppable element or, for 'emptydrop', on the dragged element.
- The Events 'over', 'leave' and 'drop' get fired on the droppable element with the dragged element as first argument when the dragged element hovers,leaves or get dropped on the droppable.
+* droppables - (*array*) The Elements that the draggable can drop into. The class's drop, enter, and leave events will be fired in conjunction with interaction with one of these elements.
### Events:

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