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base fork: mootools/mootools-core
base: 1.2.5
head fork: mootools/mootools-core
compare: 1.3
This comparison is big! We’re only showing the most recent 250 commits
Commits on May 30, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Whitespace f6baa75
@cpojer cpojer * Moar whitespace d3f1213
@cpojer cpojer * Initializing this.header earlier in Request (fixes Request.JSON, Re…
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing Request post/get/put/delete aliases again 2f06b0e
Commits on May 31, 2010
@timwienk timwienk Fixing unexpected behaviour of Function.prototype.delay and Function.…

Gecko passes an extra parameter to the callback routine, indicating the "lateness" of the timeout in milliseconds. Due to this behaviour this "lateness" would be passed to the executed function if no parameters were passed originally.
Commits on Jun 01, 2010
@arian arian Add link to MDC Object e82e6e3
@arian arian Add Opera 4ef1486
Commits on Jun 02, 2010
@arian arian Fix links because Object function moved to the Object type page 29d6468
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch 'master' of 11815e6
Commits on Jun 03, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Revert "Element.get works as expected with 1.2 with the compat layer …
…activated. Little additions on the build script for making this work."

This reverts commit c73799b.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch 'master' of ad712ab
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fix for the overloadSetter if you pass undefined or null to the setter. b9066e8
Commits on Jun 04, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fix for the overloadSetter if you pass undefined or null to the setter. 7c31337
@cpojer cpojer * And that is Beta 2 663cdcd
@cpojer cpojer * And back to 1.3dev on master 12b487f
@darkwing darkwing Lots of documentation corrections. f3d3c9f
@darkwing darkwing Updating docs to better conform to standard 6314166
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch 'master' of 7ccc83b
Commits on Jun 05, 2010
@arian arian Update $$ documentation, in 1.3 it only accepts one paramerter that s…
…hould be a string (selector)
@arian arian Put back the Array:each method documentation 4e2e792
@arian arian Merge commits from davidwalsh 6c965bf
@arian arian Add whitespace d2f8566
Commits on Jun 07, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding iOS to Browser.Platform 03e8eed
@cpojer cpojer * Oops :) c9cf478
@cpojer cpojer * Object.length => Object.getLength b50ae28
@arian arian Browser.konqueror does not exist (anymore) abbff99
Commits on Jun 08, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - "fixed" $$. 1.3 $$ will now take either an array / collection, a s…
…tring as a selector or a list of element. The concept behind this is that $$ will not merge multiple collections any longer, but rather take as input just one collection. You do the merging yourself if you have to.
@kamicane kamicane - updated $$ documentation. 5d8419c
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch '1.3' of git:// 62cc185
Commits on Jun 09, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch 'master' of 0789941
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Object.keyOf instead of Hash.keyOf 563cde8
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Object.keyOf instead of Hash.keyOf 4dfad4e
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Making sure the mutators are executed before implementing the other m…
…ethods. Fixes #642, more details there.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fixes #894, getPrevious now get the first previous node that matches …
…the passed expression.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fix for #841 and some other related issues with xml nodes and their a…
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fixes #794. offsetparent is defined here…
…m/w3c_cssom.html#offsetParent. Current implementation would return null on IE if it reaches the body as offsetparent.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fixes #894, getPrevious now get the first previous node that matches …
…the passed expression.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fix for #841 and some other related issues with xml nodes and their a…
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fixes #794. offsetparent is defined here…
…m/w3c_cssom.html#offsetParent. Current implementation would return null on IE if it reaches the body as offsetparent.
@cpojer cpojer Revert "fix for #841 and some other related issues with xml nodes and…
… their attributes."

This reverts commit 7f3dc4c.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixing get opacity. != null returns true on opera, …
…so now we are testing if the browser works with opacity, it works just fine. The get method now returns correct values for non setted opacities.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixing get opacity. != null returns true on opera, …
…so now we are testing if the browser works with opacity, it works just fine. The get method now returns correct values for non setted opacities.
Commits on Jun 10, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #783. Making the multiple arguments on array.invoke equal to Fu…
…nction.attempt, and adding the arguments parameters on Swiff.remote.
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta This fixes some random errors while using this.toElement() (getting a…
… reference to the swf object).
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fixes #473. Thanks Brenton for your help. 72b7cf6
Commits on Jun 30, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta using the previously defined ua variable. 306b688
Commits on Jul 01, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Improved speed of the get opacity method and now it gets the inline f…
…ilters/opacity too. The set method doesnt remove existing filters anymore.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Using Slick.find (doc, '#' + id) instead doc.getElementById(id) since…
… Slick fixes issues on getElementById function, like the id/name issue from IE.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fix for get(maxlength) that, when not set, returns high values (21474…
…83647 on ie6/7).
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta updating reference for the Specs submodule 4c1db54
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Revert "Making sure the mutators are executed before implementing the…
… other methods. Fixes #642, more details there."

This reverts commit 2785a57.
Commits on Jul 05, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta solves the problem with extending nodes more than one time. f5e4236
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta some code improvements db3ff48
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Revert "fix for #841 and some other related issues with xml nodes and…
… their attributes."

This reverts commit 7f3dc4c.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch 'master' of
enting the other methods. Fixes #642, more details there."

This reverts commit 2785a57.

Commits on Jul 10, 2010
@arian arian Add rightClick and rearange the order of the properties to match the …
…order in the Sourse file
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta no need to access the slow "arguments" variable 12ceb8c
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Needs to be this.Element cause IE8 erases the Element Object while pr…
…e-processing the statement "var Element = ..."
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta if theres no attachEvent we dont need to create the unloadEvent funct…
@cpojer cpojer * Adding gesture and touch events to native event list 64ba785
@cpojer cpojer * fevents, really? 567e3c1
Commits on Jul 11, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding support for gesture/touch events 51db329
@cpojer cpojer * Also adding orientationchange event to native event list 0882abd
Commits on Jul 12, 2010
@arian arian Shorter element getter method for Fx.Tween/Fx.Morph 5003fd8
Commits on Jul 16, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Removing some *really old* compat a56b5ec
Commits on Jul 20, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Cleaning up the Events Mixin. A tiny bit faster, better compression f8419d6
@cpojer cpojer * Adding Native.type for compat 8c4e528
Commits on Jul 21, 2010
@slik slik Compat level for Selectors.Pseudo 9515888
@slik slik Small fixes to Selectors.Pseudo 2b4b997
@slik slik Updated Copyrights year 88ccac2
@timwienk timwienk Slick compat for find and match as well. 0dab974
@timwienk timwienk Use existing Selectors.Pseudo, if any. c295357
@arian arian Do not overwrite the Object functions of ES5 7e19623
@timwienk timwienk Fixing some whitespaces. e2fdee9
@slik slik Updated Copyrights year bdff3b6
@cpojer cpojer Revert "Fixing some whitespaces."
This reverts commit e2fdee9.
@cpojer cpojer Revert "Do not overwrite the Object functions of ES5"
This reverts commit 7e19623.
Commits on Jul 22, 2010
@arian arian Docs: fix numerous whitespaces and some other small things a0de39a
Commits on Jul 23, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing indentation in DomReady e3a7b0c
@cpojer cpojer * Restructuring DomReady a bit 771259d
@cpojer cpojer * Unload cleanup now only is executed in browsers with attachEvent an…
…d without addEventListener (<IE9)
Commits on Jul 25, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Minor Browser.js cleanups 5ed3a6c
@cpojer cpojer * Minor Core optimizations 1b12dc9
@cpojer cpojer * Properly protecting Object 6b3c98d
@cpojer cpojer * Object.values is not in ES5 (thanks arian) 17ca394
Commits on Jul 26, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Some code bitchin' 1dedf28
@cpojer cpojer * Faster protection de3f0ad
@cpojer cpojer * Inverting isObject 5279d7c
@cpojer cpojer * Shorter Element.set/get (thanks @arian) cd55d92
Commits on Jul 27, 2010
@arian arian Element.Style: Fix wrong return value of .getStyle('padding') in IE cbb1077
@arian arian Event requires Object 9ef921b
@arian arian !isNaN is the same as isFinite b8fb392
Commits on Jul 28, 2010
@arian arian Final fix for .getStyle in IE (thanks fabiomcosta) 7e6fcb2
Commits on Jul 29, 2010
@amadeus amadeus Allowing browsers that support BFCache to properly support it by only…
… applying the unload event to IE (which does not support bfcache)
@cpojer cpojer * Code Style 2b8c4ee
@arian arian Add brackets for readability 906ae54
Commits on Aug 01, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Removing Tester submodule 868c4e9
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs 640618d
Commits on Aug 04, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Hash.extend must be Object.append instead of the Type extend method c7efa8f
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing document.getScrollSize for Chrome a4c8d13
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing opacity styles e50a990
Commits on Aug 15, 2010
@subtleGradient subtleGradient Simple DomReady PHP test 9c4cafb
@subtleGradient subtleGradient make the DomRady test standalone so that it'll run in more browsers (…
…including Safari 2.0.0)
@subtleGradient subtleGradient DomReady
Live test:

The tests pass in Safari 2.0, Safari 2.0.4, Safari 5 (natch’), IE6 & IE8. It should work on PS3 afaict.
I haven’t done a really extensive test of all old browsers yet.

This was a completely Test-Driven implementation.
I didn’t fix any specific bug until I had a failing test case in my php file.
I also wanted to avoid all userAgent sniffing.

This should work around all the domready issues that I know about.

* a default DOMContentLoaded event
	(since there’s no harm and no known FT)
* onreadystatechange event
	run domready before onload in IE iframes since the doScroll poll doesn’t work
	potentially useful for some unknown browsers?
* poll for readyState where onreadystatechange is missing
	(using the conventional  `‘oneventname’ in document` event feature test)
* poll for doScroll on a temporary element if the method exists unless window != top
	(I tested both tmpElement.doScroll and body.doScroll and there is no difference afaict)
* no bodyIsEditable test since I couldn’t create a failing test case to prove that it’s useful info.
	What browser might require such a test?
* the final passing test disables the poll timer and removes all related events to clean up after itself.

CSS Ready is far out of scope for this script.
@subtleGradient subtleGradient Fixed DomReady test throwing random JS errors. Removed unnecessary ju…
…nk and implemented the required APIs for DomReady.js to be loaded without anything else.
@subtleGradient subtleGradient I had the serverside flush delay taking too long so the domready wan'…
…t happening until after the uncached image loaded which makes it look like it's broken so I moved the iframe to the bottom and moved the flush around too and minimized the amount of flush time to maximize the obviousness of the potential error it really showcases that relying on document.body being editable is pure FAIL
Commits on Aug 20, 2010
@subtleGradient subtleGradient Fixed the Packager Requires f8d0cdf
Commits on Aug 27, 2010
Scott Kyle Browser.Platform.ipod wasn't changed in Element.Dimensions 7f1f680
Commits on Aug 28, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Looks like when we touch the Element.prototype before a css behavior …
…the binded (this) object gets broken, breaking the behavior and the browser.
@gonchuki gonchuki fix Element.load for ticket #945 91ce36e
@cpojer cpojer * Fix for #899 Elements should give Array precedence over Element 3042947
Commits on Aug 29, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding an injectCombinator to Element.js, fixes #933 and similar fb8d85c
@ephaee ephaee missing ; 8c58e8a
@cpojer cpojer * Overwriting any passed combinator in the get* methods 36e9816
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch 'develop-fix-domready' of git://…
@cpojer cpojer * Moving Domready test into core-specs 3f79e46
@cpojer cpojer * Code style updates for the new DomReady. Thank you Thomas! 59ad1d8
@cpojer cpojer * Replacing .bind with .pass where appropriate c8dc1ab
@cpojer cpojer * Changing Function.prototype.bind to comply with ES5.
* Uses the native method when available
* Uses the 1.2 Function.prototype.bind in compat mode. Third party code that supports both 1.3 with and without compat should use .pass.
@timwienk timwienk Some cleanup for the Selectors.Pseudo compat. c375746
@timwienk timwienk Using call(this, arg, arg) instead of apply(this, arguments) as per c…
…pojer's request.
Commits on Aug 30, 2010
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch '1.2compat-Selectors.Pseudo' of git://…
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch '1.3-domready' 6312f84
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch '1.3-bind-proposal' aa8d931
@cpojer cpojer * Scroll and resize events provide an Event object a661859
@kassens kassens removing space at EOL 764ea5f
@kassens kassens Swiff uses an internal counter instead of for id generation.
fixes #750
@kassens kassens JSLint conformance b8b9fff
@cpojer cpojer * Use the current path if no URL is provided for XHR in IE 86a76a5
@cpojer cpojer Revert "* Scroll and resize events provide an Event object"
This reverts commit a661859.
@cpojer cpojer * Request noCache is now always being added to the URL c3bad5f
@cpojer cpojer * Use 6501ee4
Commits on Aug 31, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * There is really no valid reason to keep arou…
…nd - deprecating it
@cpojer cpojer * Using Array.prototype instead of Array for precedence check 2e7f92a
@arian arian An optimized .bind implementation by ibolmo
concats the arguments in (function(){return arguments;}).bind({}, 2, 3, 4)(5, 6, 7); // [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
@cpojer cpojer * Code style 48f9611
Commits on Sep 03, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Loop style f81ec72
Commits on Sep 04, 2010
@w00fz w00fz Request onprogress and onloadstart implementation 94ee0cc
@w00fz w00fz onloadstart and onprogress mods 584655d
@cpojer cpojer * Removing the "noCache=" part from noCache 29d61bd
@amadeus amadeus Fix for Lighthouse bug: 328 43bf566
@w00fz w00fz cleaned up 34c3f05
@cpojer cpojer * Fix failed clone on children elements of objects in IE6 103f648
@kamicane kamicane - renamed fireEvent to triggerEvent. Implementation of the function …
…fireEvent is still present but in a try / catch block. Renamed existing fireEvent instances.
@kamicane kamicane - a more humane fix for the multiline className issue (LH #930) 2813d45
@kamicane kamicane - a more humane fix for the multiline className issue (LH #930) 9525728
@kamicane kamicane - renamed fireEvent to triggerEvent. Implementation of the function …
…fireEvent is still present but in a try / catch block. Renamed existing fireEvent instances.
@w00fz w00fz implemented timeout 67bc4a8
@w00fz w00fz moved onloadstart before onprogress 83caef3
@cpojer cpojer * fireEvent => triggerEvent
** TODO overwrite for backwards compat for IE9 needed
@w00fz w00fz Encoding PUT requests 21c023e
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch 'master' of git:// 6c7d4bc
@cpojer cpojer * fireEvent => triggerEvent in Request 6cf86bb
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing triggerEvent with listeners that remove itself or other list…
@arian arian Add String.uniqueID to Core 1edf1c9
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch 'master' of
@kamicane kamicane - a little bit simpler. 8f2e302
@arian arian - Add string.uniqueID to Core
- Add Docs for String.uniqueID
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch 'master' of 9ace92b
@cpojer cpojer * Fear the Objects! 9a869ea
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch 'master' of
@kamicane kamicane Less object-y. f3601dd
@arian arian Rename String.uniqueID to String.generateUID 7571496
@cpojer cpojer * String.generateUID in Request 613d711
Commits on Sep 05, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs cfb28bb
@cpojer cpojer * IE sometimes returns 1233 for 204 responses in Request. See http://… a8ce55e
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs 85cae01
@cpojer cpojer * Being explicit about the Request.HTML Accept header 5040a64
@cpojer cpojer * Specs update 06e5454
@cpojer cpojer * Applying my fix to Events from exactly a year ago today which was s… 74a7034
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs submodule 40f6c99
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs 8bb559e
@cpojer cpojer * Populate the response object in Request even if the call to isSucce…
…ss fails
@cpojer cpojer * Adding Request.isRunning 7f4f976
Commits on Sep 06, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing removeEvents 326f797
@arian arian Add Docs for new Element with a Selector: new Element('a.myClass') 1237fa5
@arian arian First idea of an Splash page for the Docs 7ec3a90
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #764. Remove the border of the element while calculating the po…
…sition of it related to another element
@cpojer cpojer * Specs b264ebe
@cpojer cpojer * Code optimization 8d51edd
@cpojer cpojer * Normalizing Request status e73d4a2
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Request now forces the response to be parsed correctly. If the respon…
…se header is not text/xml responseXML comes empty on firefox and on IE it contains an incorrect XML document. This fixes both behaviors.
@cpojer cpojer * Refactoring Fabios Request fixes e20d2aa
Commits on Sep 08, 2010
@subtleGradient subtleGradient [#967 state:closed] DomReady — 4-9 second delay for accessing `window…
….frameElement` caused by accessing `` or `window.parent` inside an iframe after setting its `document.domain`

Thanks Rich Dougherty <> for discovering this issue and solution.

Thanks JDalton <> for pointing out this issue.
@cpojer cpojer * Removing the parseXML functionality. Will be moved into More or int…
…o a separate repository.
@cpojer cpojer * this.xhr => xhr where appropriate 1c54ace
Commits on Sep 09, 2010
@darkwing darkwing Updating spelling mistake 66c4667
@darkwing darkwing More doc fixes f81c179
@darkwing darkwing We should link directly to the download page e0a4b23
@gonchuki gonchuki kill browser sniffing code that was breaking modern versions of webki…
…t and presto
@gonchuki gonchuki fix #952 and #637. getScrolls was adding the element's own scroll and…
… getOffsets was overcompensating for the error
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs 2df40d0
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing IE9 overwrite for fireEvent c44f4d5
@subtleGradient subtleGradient FIXED [#977 state:closed] [#968 state:closed] -- `new Element('input'…
…, {name, type})` now works in IE 6-7 again
@subtleGradient subtleGradient Cleanup the code a wee bit. Thanks CPojer 2b12d56
Commits on Sep 10, 2010
@arian arian Fixes #988 - 0 as third argument of .delay or .periodical were ignore…
…d. .pass should handle it correctly
@cpojer cpojer * Moving some Function methods around d53fba4
@arian arian IFrame id and name attributes to use String.generateUID by default be3ee51
@kamicane kamicane - simplified the IFrame class. It does not try to extend the frame's…
… window and document anymore. That never worked correctly anyways. The correct way to have mootools inside an iframe is to load mootools.js in the iframe, atleast for now.

 - the document is not passed in the onload function any longer, as it generates warnings even inside try / catches for some browsers (Safari). If you know you can access it, just use this.document in the onload function.
 - not sure why we used to check for document.body to see if an IFrame is loaded, as it seems a rather silly thing to do. We now check for just the presence in the window.frames arrabject.
 - using String.generateID instead of
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs f67407b
@cpojer cpojer * Updating IFrame Documentation 0f6cf5c
Commits on Sep 11, 2010
@arian arian Add fireEvent as deprecated to the Docs 2cedc54
Commits on Sep 15, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing Elements.splice on array-like objects a74476a
@cpojer cpojer * undefined => null aebc5aa
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing Elements.empty 9f6b64c
@cpojer cpojer * "Going easy on the enter key" 7439cf9
@cpojer cpojer * Whitespace Police-- 06ad571
@cpojer cpojer * Array.empty now uses splice(0), no need for an Elements.empty overw…
…rite any more
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing Elements.concat and Elements.append 4e11dd4
@cpojer cpojer * Better Elements.append 0d55b11
Commits on Sep 16, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - a better concat implementation for Elements.
 - a slightly faster loop in Elements:append.
 - whitespace gestapo.
 - let's hope jdalton doesn't comment on this one too
@cpojer cpojer * fireEvent is back (ugh!) fa735d9
Commits on Sep 17, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding the coordinates of the first touch to the page and client ob…
…jects in Event
Commits on Sep 19, 2010
@w00fz w00fz - Added support for authentication and `withCredentials` attribute b6fd9bc
@w00fz w00fz - commenting out user and pass options in Request 0604800
@cpojer cpojer * Specs update 055f489
@w00fz w00fz new Request documentation for credentials f4b711a
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
@w00fz w00fz - Changed Request option `pass` to `password` 5f81049
@cpojer cpojer * DomReady => DOMReady e81e52d
@cpojer cpojer * Renaming DOMReady in Docs/ 9c49ba8
Commits on Sep 21, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Fix for load event in DOMReady [#1002] [#1003] f16c690
@cpojer cpojer * Object.merge documentation fix 5c6c92c
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing and Element.getElementById to handle special cha…
…rs. [#1013]
Commits on Sep 22, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Minor Class optimizations f444ee3
Commits on Sep 26, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Slick Update 4e26ed9
@cpojer cpojer Reverting Array.empty af7c5a1
@cpojer cpojer * Adding .protect to Elements.append be53040
Commits on Sep 27, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Another Slick update cbf681c
@w00fz w00fz Added W3C Selectors references in the docs 0f5ae1c
Commits on Sep 28, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Some minor optimizations (thanks Harald) 1ae2b02
Commits on Sep 29, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing getElement(s) with empty expressions [#1022] 9d23df1
@cpojer cpojer * Slick update 9be1b2c
@cpojer cpojer Revert "* Fixing getElement(s) with empty expressions [#1022]"
This reverts commit 9d23df1.
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing Element.getFirst [#1023] 24daa3e
@cpojer cpojer * Slick update 5787d38
@kamicane kamicane - bringing back the original 1.2 getFirst / getLast for Element. 31eb397
@kamicane kamicane - I actually tested it this time. cabce8a
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs af20bbc
Commits on Oct 02, 2010
@kassens kassens ProtoType » Prototype 3582b45
@ibolmo ibolmo Small doc fixes.
 * Array.invoke note added
 * Object.merge != $merge, more like deepArrayMerge
@cpojer cpojer * Minor fix for some Fx.Transitions 134cdda
@kamicane kamicane - provide Selectors (in compat)
 - slightly faster getFirst / getLast.
@kamicane kamicane - added provide for Native (in compat). a5134c4
Commits on Oct 03, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - Fixed Selectors provide, added DomReady provide for compatibility. 29de8c7
Commits on Oct 07, 2010
@w00fz w00fz Inverted Morph and Tween positions in package.yml a960a12
@sebmarkbage sebmarkbage In IE, Browser.version should be the same as document.documentMode wh…
…en set. Fixes #1029

When document mode is switched, UA still remains as the current browser, but backwards functionality is simulated (limited).
Test by switching Document Mode in IE Dev Tools or setting X-UA-Compatible header/meta-tag.
@cpojer cpojer * Specs Update 0a7aeab
Commits on Oct 11, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - generateUID > uniqueID 17bdb44
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs a3eed69
@kamicane kamicane - welcome to 1.3 d87aed1