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base fork: mootools/mootools-core
base: 1.2.5
head fork: mootools/mootools-core
compare: 1.3b1.1
Commits on Nov 08, 2009
@kamicane kamicane - Testing the move of MooTools2 Core.js in MooTools1 Core.js.
 - Added Utils.js (compatibility file for the old Core)
 - Updated Core2.js specs
 - renamed the fugly $util component to Utils
 - this does not work yet
Commits on Dec 02, 2009
@kamicane kamicane - moved every file from /Native to /Types
 - converted natives to types
@kamicane kamicane - removed function overloading for 1.3
 - moved compat inline
@kamicane kamicane - ported 2.0 Browser.
 - compat is inline
 - opera/presto conversion missing (help)
@kamicane kamicane - updated Class.js to the latest, bug-free 2.0 version. b252745
@kamicane kamicane - updated Header 0e9872e
@kamicane kamicane - updated Element, Elements, IFrame to a Type eec8840
@kamicane kamicane - updated headers 4f14f10
@cpojer cpojer * Removing 1.3 Specs and adding new specs as a submodule e80d118
Commits on Dec 06, 2009
@cpojer cpojer * Removing compat from 1.3 until the compat layer from 1.2 is ready ff98ef8
@cpojer cpojer * Removing old specs for 1.3 ac915f8
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing link to specs repository e01ba96
Commits on Dec 07, 2009
@cpojer cpojer * Specs update 8ef2c31
@cpojer cpojer * Adding the 'type' method for compatibility 8532530
@cpojer cpojer * Moving Function.stab to Core because Browser.js depends on it 56915cc
@cpojer cpojer * Adding Object.type, only some minor Element.getProperty specs are f…
Commits on Dec 09, 2009
@cpojer cpojer * Moving Browser out of Core, moving Function.stab back to Function 8b03d7d
Commits on Dec 18, 2009
@cpojer cpojer * Updating specs repository 68cb704
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Specs repository 56b6900
Commits on Dec 19, 2009
@cpojer cpojer * Adding Object.append from 2.0 because we had no similar method. $ex…
…tend is deprecated and Hash.extend does not modify the original input
@cpojer cpojer * Removing extend in Function.js (is in Core) bc68291
@cpojer cpojer * Adding correct chrome detection bd9e8d4
@cpojer cpojer * Browser is now an object. "name" is a readonly property on function…
… in webkit
@cpojer cpojer * Adding documentFragment for adopt. The value on when it is used may…
… needs some tweaking
@cpojer cpojer * I still insist that someone should benchmark this ee97cc8
Commits on Dec 20, 2009
@cpojer cpojer * Adding nocash to adopt back a2b34bf
@kamicane kamicane - updated yaml headers to use name: syntax and a cleaner requires / …

 - got rid of the old build.rb and scripts.json files.
@kamicane kamicane - finished fixing headers.
 - got rid of an old changelog file.
@kamicane kamicane re-added package.yml. got lost in some merge, definitely cpojer's fau…
…lt :)
@kamicane kamicane - added a build script using packager. 9803e49
@kamicane kamicane modified .gitignore file 2ac3952
@kamicane kamicane - renamed the packager folder to Packager per mootools convention
 - got rid of a leftover echo in build
@kamicane kamicane - removed define / lookup in Class.js (that's just for 2.0). 0af4222
Commits on Dec 21, 2009
@kamicane kamicane - Added Array:pick and moved compatibility for $pick to Array.js
 - Added Number.random and moved compatibility for $random to Number.js
 - Moved compatibility for $try to Function.js
 - replaced $functions with the new calls in these files.
@kamicane kamicane - moved compatibility for $exec to Browser.js
 - moved $uid out of compatibility (1.3 still needs $uid)
 - Browser.extend is now Function.prototype.extend instead of Hash.extend
@kamicane kamicane - replaced each $function to the relevant alternative. 649e2cb
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch '1.3wip' of git:// d123a34
@kamicane kamicane fixed $uid not being public 3c06bf6
@kamicane kamicane - fixed $merge to Object.merge instead of Object.append which is rea…
…lly for $extend. Thanks zilenCe.
@kamicane kamicane obejct ? I OBEJCT! 6af1e67
Commits on Jan 14, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * $A needs to be overwritten again for IE in Browser.js 9d877aa
@cpojer cpojer * Array fixes for map, every, some, filter for IE a8c76c8
@cpojer cpojer * Changing toQueryString to use get('value'). 329bfd6
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing UA-Regex (feel free to optimize it!). Opera started to do Op…
…era/RandomNumber Version/10.10

* Compat for opera => presto
* Less code for the compat stuff. Can be minified even more, but I suppose its ok now
@cpojer cpojer * More UA detection stuff d04bb4c
Commits on Jan 17, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Changing behavior of Array.from to always return the passed in Array 84d8706
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing Array.from for collections and the <select> element in IE.
* Adding more engine detection for other browsers using gecko/webkit to compatibility.
@cpojer cpojer * Hooks should not be on the global object, changing $A again to not …
…return a copy.
@cpojer cpojer * Slightly faster Array.clone
* $A = Array.from (again!)
Commits on Jan 20, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * $A is actually documented (Array.js) therefore we need to support f…
…ull backwards compat.
Commits on Feb 09, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - reinitialized Specs submodule, which probably contained a private …
…commit hash.
@kamicane kamicane - added Slick in Source/Slick. ba08727
@kamicane kamicane "fixed" the yaml headers for Slick 268d9a2
@kamicane kamicane - added Slick in package.yml 58df91d
@kamicane kamicane - implemented slick in Element 1.3, pretty much like it is in 2.0, p…
…lus the walking functions.
@kamicane kamicane - got rid of some commented code. 11e1680
@kamicane kamicane - renamed the internal constructor property to $constructor, as some…
… object do not like when you use the constructor property. The instanceOf function takes care of this difference.
@kamicane kamicane - search and find should just be for 2.0. a03dc78
@kamicane kamicane hasChild -> contains a9e2f8b
Commits on Feb 10, 2010
Kabari Hendrick Updated Mozilla doc references 4eec06a
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch '1.3' of git:// into 1.…
@kamicane kamicane - (RE)added automatic uid generation for window and document. This f…
…ixes the 1.3 bug where domready fired twice.
@kamicane kamicane - cleaned up document.newElement (2.0 version). 55e4aaf
Commits on Feb 11, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - fix for browsers that already have the method contains (ty Scott). ade6a7d
@kamicane kamicane - adding missing check for the existence of the match argument in wa…
…lker methods.
@kamicane kamicane - fixed Slick's firstChild and lastChild combinators here temporaril…
…y (todo: push to Slick).
Commits on Feb 12, 2010
@cpojer cpojer Merge branch '1.3' of git:// into 1.…
@cpojer cpojer * Some fixes for Elements a077b75
@cpojer cpojer * Possible fix for Array.flatten with Array "subobjects" 0e18c00
@cpojer cpojer * Possible minor fix for compatibility of Array.type 78d2ef8
@cpojer cpojer * $type backwards compat for Elements 7349265
@cpojer cpojer * This should work 8b4e690
Commits on Feb 14, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding fix for Element purging for IE (by Thomas, Daniel) bea53d9
@cpojer cpojer * Experimental Slick update 8621832
@cpojer cpojer * Element.contains will return true for the element itself so hasChil…
…d needs a different implementation
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing getNext/getFirst 8c0c435
Commits on Feb 15, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Slick.contains(div, div) returns true to immitate Chrome/IE behavior b4b2ac0
@cpojer cpojer * Removing konqueror again as per request by @appden 1a26775
Commits on Feb 16, 2010
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch '1.3wip' of git:// 9825c06
Commits on Feb 18, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Updating slick with kamicane/slick. Passes *all* the existing Specs. 0266055
Commits on Feb 23, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding new Element(expression) 00a4842
Commits on Feb 28, 2010
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch '1.3wip' of git:// cafe44b
Commits on Mar 02, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Updating Slick to latest version fe7237a
@cpojer cpojer * Optimizing new Element(expression), aligning the behavior to the ne…
…w specs. It may needs some benchmarks and further optimization.
@cpojer cpojer * Pulling all docs changes from master (@fakedarren, see http://githu… 3f18aa1
@cpojer cpojer * Classes in properties now overwrite those in expressions 84f858f
Commits on Mar 03, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Behavior change for new Element: now null and empty string in prope…
…rties reset the css expression. Undefined does not overwrite the expression. Attributes with "0" as value are now allowed (They get parsed as string "0" in Slick so it shouldn't be a problem. The check for != null doesn't hurt though).
@cpojer cpojer * Apparently we do not differentiate between null and undefined. e94eeeb
Commits on Mar 08, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Adding Function.clear c58f084
@cpojer cpojer * The low level APIs of MooTools Core 1.3 are now CommonJS compatible
* Hash moved outside of compatibility block
* Fixing Hash provides/require
@cpojer cpojer * Adding MooTools helper module for SSJS so you do not need to do sep…
…arate requires (optional)
@cpojer cpojer * Native should be exported 610278b
@cpojer cpojer * Temporary fix to not export compatibility stuff in commonjs environ…
@cpojer cpojer * Adding the remove block for the call of the file-wide closures for …
…the build version
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing addEvent for non-compat mode 913dc53
@cpojer cpojer * More stuff for compat bb51aaf
Commits on Mar 14, 2010
@cpojer cpojer * Slick update 5019cba
@cpojer cpojer * Remove bogus return statement 7ab8294
@cpojer cpojer * Array.type should only exist in compat mode d66ebca
@cpojer cpojer * $unlink => Object.clone for Hash ac4eee0
@cpojer cpojer * Moving some things around, should also fix #851 where typeOf return…
…s 'unknown' in IE. Note that typeOf is not called on a string before "new Type(String)" is executed. The 'in' statement does not work on strings created with the literal notation

* Also changed the weak way of retrieving the native object in the force method
Commits on Mar 21, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Fix for the toString class method (and others not recognized on the f…
…or in loop). Now a new Class can implement it. Ive made some specs too.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fix for #862 569b9e1
Commits on Mar 23, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta * removing the break statement (was unnecessary);
* removing the extraPropertiesLength variable;
* fixing some spacing.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta removing the {} as it is a for of just one line. (appden ftl :D) 8a60f6d
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta ok last changes, now it doesnt create an empty array if theres no nee…
…d for the extra properties loop.
@cpojer cpojer * Removing CommonJS support (for now) 65e3a3d
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch '1.3wip' of git://

I removed the https:// from the mozilla documentation links because it's obviously a fucked up choice, and they will fix it soon enough.
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch 'class-tostring-fix' of git://…
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch 'undefined-bom-request-fix' of git://…
@kamicane kamicane - minor style change. 1a2d67d
@kamicane kamicane - updated the packager submodule
 - updated the slick forks
@kamicane kamicane updated the build script for the latest packager 62d92a6
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fix for ticket #768, theres a shell there as a test case. On IE there…
…s no defaultView on the ownerDocument of a element that is not into the DOM.
@kamicane kamicane 1.3 beta 1 is here. 08cb46d
@kamicane kamicane - just kidding. 9094372
Commits on Mar 24, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - updated to the latest kamicane/slick 4a9e6d7
@kamicane kamicane - updated the Browser properties checks to not use the compatibility…
… ones.
@cpojer cpojer * Removing the access to the 'item' property in Array.from for IE, fi…
…xes #851
@kamicane kamicane - updated Slick. 091922f
Commits on Mar 27, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta include '-' as a valid tag character 92f12ae
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta using feature detection for the html getter 9efc011
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta adding feature detection for the filter style property 0b78eae
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta adding floatName style detection 874b052
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes a Number spec thats failing. It now rounds the returned value f…
…rom Math.pow, if the precision is negative. This removes the errors that are introduced on some pow calculations.
Commits on Apr 02, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Changing the isEnumerable function cause a collection returns 'functi…
…on' with the typeof function. I didnt use typeOf(item) != 'function' because a Class element returns 'class' and has a length, so it would be considered a enumerable.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta now just enumerables are entering the for loop to clone the elements …
…from an enumerable. strings were joining it for example.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Updating slick's version and the specs. b2c4778
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta changing objectToString -> toString. 3da2b81
Commits on Apr 03, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta chaing isEnumerable to return true with strings, as its enumerable too. 92f0eb3
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch 'codeReview' into 1.3wip 3c37cd3
Commits on Apr 04, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - attempting to commit the docs with a little bit of diff 3b6a2b2
Commits on Apr 05, 2010
@cpojer cpojer Updating Specs Repo 7b13989
Commits on Apr 07, 2010
@subtleGradient subtleGradient Array#call → Array#invoke c8bcf5b
@cpojer cpojer Merge 78e0910
@cpojer cpojer * Fixing getComputedStyle which sometimes weirdly fails in IE(8). Usi…
…ng the Element generic works.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #188, input image shouldnt be inserted into the querystring as …
…its just included when the image input/button is clicked. There are specs created for this, and the fix makes it pass.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #756, there are specs and they are passing. cbbacd8
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #857. All the generics now ignores the call of the method if th…
…e passed element is null or undefined. #each now doesnt iterate the windows if you pass null or undefined as the iterable.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fix for the $$ function 18c3f85
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch '1.3wip' of into 1.3wip 2d59965
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch '1.3wip' into develop 125731c
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #735. Problem is that when you do['zIndex'] it gets …
…0 incorrectly.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta new version of get/set/erase property. fixes #747. ba1c0ad
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Releasing this var for GC 5058a8b
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta updating the Specs module 2fc0959
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta fixes #578, safari 3.2 doesnt return the first option when theres no …
…explicit selected option.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Revert "fixes #857. All the generics now ignores the call of the meth…
…od if the passed element is null or undefined. #each now doesnt iterate the windows if you pass null or undefined as the iterable."

This reverts commit abc0103.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Using Browser.safari instead of the old Browser.Engine.* way (but Bro…
…wser.Engine still works, its just not the official way to do it anymore).
@cpojer cpojer * Removing toJSON as JSON.stringify interferes with it dddf223
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta dropping safari 2 support 57b6b63
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta removing references to arguments.callee d5dec28
Commits on Apr 08, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta adding comment for a crazy fix 030e9ca
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta removing nocash on someplaces that dont use it. db93cd6
@cpojer cpojer *Merge 995e344
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta increasing readability 9db6c72
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta My fault, removing last Browser.Engine call a38b338
@cpojer cpojer * Moving gCS into Element.Style 8ed5ff6
@cpojer cpojer * SSSSafari 5fe363f
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Merge branch '1.3wip' of git:// into d…
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta updating specs 8738f01
Commits on Apr 11, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta adding feature detection on the text property 7e718b9
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta theres no $defined on 1.3 (just if compact layer included). 61d9fb9
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta removing $clear from core and adding it on the Function module to rem…
…ove the code repetition.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta replacing 'Array.extend' -> 'Array.append' 86ff0a3
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta removing some references to $empty on the comments ad15778
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta n * -1 is faster than Math.abs(n), and the check for negative a numbe…
…r was still being made so..
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta Revert "removing $clear from core and adding it on the Function modul…
…e to remove the code repetition."

$clear is in Core.js on 1.2, thats for compatibility.

This reverts commit 16f9d73.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta smaller code ff787af
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta style aa22ce3
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta function(){} -> nil on some comments 7140fd3
Commits on Apr 12, 2010
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta remake of the arguments.callee removal. Using normal functions instea…
…d of named ones.
@fabiomcosta fabiomcosta updating reference to specs 1de36f7
Commits on Apr 27, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - updated Slick to the latest & greatest. f4bb6ae
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch '1.3wip' of 52c103d
@kamicane kamicane - this time it's for reals. 07a4503
@kamicane kamicane Merge branch 'develop' of git:// 4672e9d
@kamicane kamicane - Ok, I did forget to pull a couple of commits from Fabio. My bad. A…
…ll good now.
Commits on Apr 28, 2010
@kamicane kamicane - forgot to update one $family. Now Effects will work. 36f56b3
@kamicane kamicane - back to beta. aa0e43d
@cpojer cpojer 1.3b1.1 46ffd8e
@cpojer cpojer * Build 1466bb3