IE7/8 getProperty returns functions #2109

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FF/Safari/IE9 return

IE7/8 return
function(el, where){
inserterswhere || 'bottom';
return this;

Element methods seem to be returned.

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Yeah.. this is also for IE6. Here's a fiddle:

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Here we go:

@fabiomcosta @SubtleGradient, this is a tough one ... should Slick.getAttribute fix this?

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Actually, this might be mootools related. @arian @cpojer help :D

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Still waiting on input from @fabiomcosta, @subtleGradient, @arian, @cpojer. Looking for opinions/direction or 2c. Thanks!

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I don't know, it's unwanted behaviour to me. If it's indeed Slick.getAttribute then it should be fixed there, I wouldn't know how though..

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It's not Slick... It's how the elements are extended on IE by Mootools and the way that expandos are threated as attributes on IE. I don't agree we should fix it there since Slick is intended to be used anywhere, by any framework, and should not have anything related to mootools-core inside it.


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The problem is that

el.anything will be considered an attribute by IE. This means that el.getAttribute('anything') will give the value of it.

One solution is to whitelist using setProperty any attributes and check against the property in getProperty if someone wants el.something they should use el.something. Again, this reinforces that = 'set the value' is very bad.

@ibolmo ibolmo added a commit to ibolmo/mootools-core that referenced this issue Dec 12, 2011
@ibolmo ibolmo Fixes #2109.
IE < 9, getAttribute returns properties set via `el.attribute = value`.
Other browsers return null for such properties that are not part of the
specs (e.g. `href`, `width`, or `title`).

This tries to normalize the behavior and prevents unwanted "expando"
properties from being returned (e.g. `inject` and other Element

TL;DR: whitelist any setProperty, and getProperty checks in the
whitelist or if the attribute is an expando (not part of the known

Fixed a spec with maxlenght property, when it needed to be maxlength.

PASSED: IE6-9; FFx 3-5, 8, 10, Opera 11, Chrome latest, Safari 5
@ibolmo ibolmo referenced this issue Dec 12, 2011

Fixes #2109. #2167

@ibolmo ibolmo closed this in 70b402e Jan 8, 2012
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