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Packaging issue. Build header and Core.js yml header collide #2152

ibolmo opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Olmo Maldonado
Olmo Maldonado
MooTools: the javascript framework

web build:

packager build:
 - packager build Core/Core Core/Array Core/String Core/Number Core/Function Core/Object Core/Event Core/Browser Core/Class Core/Class.Extras Core/Slick.Parser Core/Slick.Finder Core/Element Core/Element.Style Core/Element.Event Core/Element.Delegation Core/Element.Dimensions Core/Fx Core/Fx.CSS Core/Fx.Tween Core/Fx.Morph Core/Fx.Transitions Core/Request Core/Request.JSON Core/Cookie Core/JSON Core/DOMReady


name: Core

description: The heart of MooTools.

license: MIT-style license.

copyright: Copyright (c) 2006-2010 [Valerio Proietti](

authors: The MooTools production team (

  - Class implementation inspired by [Base.js]( Copyright (c) 2006 Dean Edwards, [GNU Lesser General Public License](
  - Some functionality inspired by [Prototype.js]( Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Sam Stephenson, [MIT License](

provides: [Core, MooTools, Type, typeOf, instanceOf, Native]

Olmo Maldonado

Fixed. No ref needed. Work done in the backend.

Olmo Maldonado ibolmo closed this
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