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Element.empty does not destroy #2155

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Olmo Maldonado
Olmo Maldonado

As of 1.4.2:

    empty: function(){
        while (this.length) delete this[--this.length];
        return this;

Why aren't we:

    empty: function(){
        while (this.length) this[--this.length].destroy();
        return this;
Olmo Maldonado

@cpojer @arian I've been thinking about this. Technically empty in Array.js doesn't do anything to the objects inside, it just removes them from the array. Which is what's currently done in 1.4.2. Perhaps just a special note in the docs will suffice to express a best practice:


Elements.empty does not destroy the elements inside. As best practice, always destroy your elements if they're no longer in use. For example:

Olmo Maldonado ibolmo referenced this issue from a commit in ibolmo/mootools-core
Olmo Maldonado ibolmo Fixes #2155.
Added Notes and See Also for `Elements.empty` to use `Element.destroy`
when appropriate.
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