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Incorrect event.key from some keypress events in Firefox #2183

gpbmike opened this Issue · 8 comments

5 participants

Mike Horn Olmo Maldonado Matthew Gast Sebastian Markbåge Arian Stolwijk
Mike Horn

In Firefox (tested in 8.0.1) the following keys will give you an incorrect keypress event.key:

end gives you #
. gives you delete
' gives you right
( gives you down

There might be more. I didn't test the whole keyboard.

Olmo Maldonado

Thanks. I can reproduce it on a Mac keyboard US. What's your setup?

  1. Keyboard Layout: US, EU
  2. OS?
Mike Horn
  1. US keyboard
  2. OS X 10.7.2
Matthew Gast

Also able to reproduce this in the Firefox (9.0) beta channel build. A lot (but not all) of the symbol keys seem to be incorrect.

  1. US Keyboard
  2. Windows 7 Professional SP1
Sebastian Markbåge

The event.key property is only valid during keydown and keyup events.

Arian Stolwijk

What Sebastian said.

keypress events should pass a charCode value, which is a char that can be transformed with String.fromCharCode to a string representation.

Also see

Arian Stolwijk arian closed this
Olmo Maldonado
Arian Stolwijk arian reopened this
Arian Stolwijk

hm, yeah, documentation could be a bit more clear about this.

Olmo Maldonado

Fixed: bf1d54c

Olmo Maldonado ibolmo closed this
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