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Uncaught TypeError: Property 'id' of object #<HTMLDocument> is not a function #2189

liviathan opened this Issue · 8 comments

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When using Mootools 1.4.1 with Sencha Touch, Sencha Touch add ID property for each element of the DOM. This cause the call of

produce error like

Uncaught TypeError: Property 'id' of object #<HTMLDocument> is not a function

Tested on Google Chrome 16 , under Ubuntu 11.04


May be this function can be renamed !


you can still use $(...) right?


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the error is not in my code, because I do not use this feature. Mootools is using it several times in his code, and that is where the errors come


Without additional information (code) it's hard to discern who's at fault. Perhaps a simple jsFiddle is needed.

Also, you may want to try loading Sencha Touch first then MooTools.

@subtleGradient are you familiar with this problem?


Competing prototype alterations sound like a wontfix/2.0 to me.


@chrispitt agreed. @liviathan if you get around to providing a jsfiddle of the problem, we can investigate further. for now it'll be moved to 2.0.


@ibolmo I will try to reproduce the problem but it is long since I work more on this project


Closing for lack of progress.

@ibolmo ibolmo closed this
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