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Element.Events.mouseleave in IE7 #2221

ibolmo opened this Issue Jan 19, 2012 · 4 comments

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ibolmo commented Jan 19, 2012

(from Lighthouse)

There is an issue when using onmouseleave events in IE. If the element has a child SELECT element, when opening this select in IE, if the mouse leaves the element but stays inside the SELECT dropdown (further down for example), the mouseleave event fires even though the mouse is still inside the element.

The problem does not occur on Firefox.

var $check = function(event){
  var related = event.relatedTarget;
  if (related == undefined) return false; // was 'return true'
  if (related === false) return false;
  return ($type(this) != 'document' && related != this && related.prefix != 'xul' && !this.hasChild(related));
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arian commented Jan 19, 2012

don't we use the 'native' mouseenter / mouseleave now, if available, which IE supports since IE 5.5.

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ibolmo commented Jan 19, 2012

right, we need to verify the issue

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IE7 is using the native version, and the native version fires as soon you hit the border of the select box, it needs further testing so moving this to 1.6

@ibolmo ibolmo modified the milestone: 1.5.1, 1.6 Mar 3, 2014
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ibolmo commented Jul 3, 2014

Closing due to pending deprecation of really oldIE

@ibolmo ibolmo closed this Jul 3, 2014
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