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Element.getOffsets() is broken in iOS 4.3 if using -webkit-transform #2245

ibolmo opened this Issue January 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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Olmo Maldonado Varyen
Olmo Maldonado

Element.getOffsets() is not reporting the correct values if an element is within a div that has been translated using the -webkit-transform property in MobileSafari in iOS 4.3.1. This is the case as tested on my iPhone 3GS and iPad 1, both with iOS 4.3.1.

Please see the attached HTML file to see a test case. The red border box should have the getOffsets() values of the red box itself, it reads (20, 20) on webkit browsers on my Mac, as expected, but is instead (20+width_of_browser_window, 20) on iOS. The red box is within a DIV that had been translated to the left using -webkit-transform, the red box is itself translated to the right to compensate.

Seems to me the problem is in line 4313 of mootools_core_1.3.1.js, as for some reason this.getBoundingClientRect is ignored for iOS. Whatever issue that prevented this.getBoundingClientRect from being used in iOS I presume has been fixed in 4.3, as if I remove the ios check, the test case works as intended.

Attached file

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Olmo Maldonado

(from a comment)

Additionally, elements within a div using CSS3 multi columns are also affected.

v3 commented February 13, 2012

This problem also exists in desktop webkits. When I use -webkit-transform with matrix for rotation, element.getPosition() returns different values in firefox and in chrome & safari.

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