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I've noticed incoherent behavior in event bubbling related to the "mouseenter" event across browsers when using a linked img and adding an event listener to the anchor. Example:

Test case

<a href="#foo" id="anchortag"><img src="myimg.png" id="imagetag"></a>
$('anchortag').addEvent('mouseenter', function(ev) {
    console.log("mouseenter event on element: "+;

In Firefox and Opera is the a tag
In Chrome is the img tag

To rule out a browser issue I've tested the example above in jquery:
Here is the img tag on Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

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Probably this is because IE, Firefox and Opera have a native mouseenter event, but Webkit doesn't.

I'm not sure we should/can fix this.

@ibolmo ibolmo added bug and removed priority 4 labels Mar 3, 2014
@ibolmo ibolmo modified the milestone: 1.5.1, 1.5 Mar 3, 2014
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I just checked this on Opera, Chrome, Firefox and IE11 and IE8 and all browsers return now anchortag.

Looks like all major browsers support mouseenter now.

Thank you @dawolf for bringing this up!

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