object wont iterable through Object.each #2408

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please help!
is this bug or feature?


Object.forEach and Object.each only iterate own properties (see: hasOwnProperty). By creating the logic object in the Class definition, upon instantiation you get an instance of a new object using your logic object as prototype, rather than the logic object itself. The reason for this is inheritance: 1. Changing the object's properties in an instance won't have effect on the actual class definition (it would if the object itself was used in the instance (either assigned or through the Class' prototype)). 2. Changing the object in the class definition will properly reflect in instances of that class (it wouldn't if the object was cloned in the instance).

If you want an object with its own properties, and therefore be able to use Object.each to iterate its values, you'd have to create it in the instance itself (like in the initialize method). Another option is to use a way of looping that does not care about own properties (for...in?). In general the first option would be appropriate.

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im create logc object in class constructor and it's working
thanks for the response

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