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set text property on style element fails on ie7/8 #2416

pstjvn opened this Issue August 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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pstjvn Arian Stolwijk

Tested on latest 1.4.5 (no compat)
When a style element is accessed to alter the text property, error is raised in IE 7 and IE 8:
Code to reproduce:

var style = new Element('style',{  id: 'mycustomstyle'  });
style.set('text', 'body {background-color: red;}');

IE7/8 allows modification of the style text node via styleSheet.cssText, but not directly inserting text node.

text code works in ie9/10, ff, chrome on windows and linux. breaks only in ie7/8 (probably in 6 as well, but i don't have one to test it).

Arian Stolwijk

Duplicate of #2265

Arian Stolwijk arian closed this August 27, 2012
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