Cannot tween the clip:rect top property #2460

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unilynx commented Jan 7, 2013

I'm unable to tween the 'top' property of a clip:rect with mootools. the 'right' property works fine

It seems to be related to how the 'rect(..)' is tokenized by Fx.CSS - the first part is tokenized as "rect(0px" which breaks the compute

Adding this to fix the parsing of the first 'rect' token fixed the issue for me if a rect() is already set, but it's not a complete fix - it fails if no clip:rect() at all is set yet:

parse: function(value){
if (value.substr(0,5)=='rect(')
return parseFloat(value.substr(5));
return false;
compute: Fx.compute,
serve: function(value){
return 'rect(' + value + 'px';

See here for a demonstration:
With the workaround, the second animation works but the first completes immediately.
Without the workaround, they all complete immediately


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ibolmo Mar 3, 2014


Related #2236, #2531


ibolmo commented Mar 3, 2014

Related #2236, #2531

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